Books by Azimuth! Dr. Koretz invites you to join Henrietta, a fluffy and lovable unicorn, as she experiences and copes with anxiety for the first time. Purchase on Amazon.

Books by Azimuth! Dr. Koretz invites you to join Henrietta, a fluffy and lovable unicorn, as she experiences and copes with anxiety for the first time. Purchase on Amazon.

What is Azimuth Psychological?

Azimuth Psychological is a group of clinical psychologists in Cambridge, Boston, and Nantucket dedicated to providing exceptionally thoughtful psychological testing and therapy.

Our therapists specialize in three main areas, communication/ relationships, mood difficulties, and life transitions.

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We also conduct testing (psychological, neuropsychological and academic) for children as young as 7, adolescents, and adults. Within testing, we specialize in learning disorders, ADHD, and complex emerging issues.

What makes Azimuth special?

At Azimuth we tailor our approach to fit your needs. Sometimes, this means getting a little creative and thinking outside the box, but we don't mind. Below are just a few examples of how we get creative within the testing process. But we work hard to go above and beyond with our therapy clients, too.

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We come to you. At Azimuth, we know your life is extremely busy. That's why our clinicians have the ability to come to you. We can complete any of the testing batteries remotely, and would be happy to do so if this makes it possible for you to get the services you need.

We can rush your report. Although we pride ourselves in turning our reports around in only a couple of weeks, there are times when you may need that testing report as soon as the next day. Our clinicians are experienced in writing thorough and helpful reports in a short amount of time, so we can be there to get you what you need, when you need it.

We're working on the weekend. There are a million reasons why getting to our office during the week is impossible. We get it. That's why our clinicians test on the weekends.

What is testing and who can it help?

We conduct psychological, neuropsychological, and academic testing for children, adolescents, and adults. Our testing reports are used by families, clinical teams, and schools, so we steer clear of psychology jargon. Instead, in our reports you'll find the individual's strengths, weaknesses, and clinical recommendations written in plain English.

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Testing can help answer questions including:
  • Academics: Low grades despite strong efforts; ADD/ADHD diagnosis; learning disabilities
  • Employment: Lagging performance; interpersonal differences; team dynamics
  • Employment Lagging performance; interpersonal differences; team dynamics
  • Emotional: Mood difficulties; relationship problems; diagnosis such as Bipolar, Major Depression, Generalized Anxiety

Do you offer an open and safe environment?

Our practice accepts and respects each person, regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, gender expression, socio-economic status, age, or ability. We are dedicated to being an LGBTQ Affirmative Practice, and offer Safe Zone training to companies, schools, and other organizations.

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We maintain an open, compassionate, and warm environment so that you will feel comfortable and understood while engaging in the assessment and therapeutic process. We work as collaborative problem solvers to develop a shared understanding with our clients about their challenges and goals.


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