Barbara Krementz

Barbara Krementz
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LICSW, ATR*

Accepting new clients (updated April 3, 2017)

*Registered art therapist

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    About Barbara

  • Sees primarily college and grad students, particularly from Brown, RISD and RIC
  • Offers clinical art therapy for clients to use a creative process, in order to discover, understand, express and find solutions for emotional stressors
  • Expertise in addressing common college challenges, including anxiety, depression, academic and career dilemmas, family issues, LGBTQ issues, relationship difficulties, grief and loss, and concern for a friend
  • Able to provide remote video therapy during vacations and study abroad semesters
  • Helps clients understand links between past experiences and emotional reactions to current stressors



Barbara is a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of college and graduate students. Her clinical practice focuses on the general challenges of college life, including anxiety, depression, life stage transitions, family issues, relationship difficulties, LGBTQ and gender identity issues, and loss. Barbara completed her MSW and Certificate of Advanced Clinical Supervision at Smith College School for Social Work, Certificate of Art Therapy at the Phillips Graduate Institute, and MA in Visual Anthropology at USC.
Barbara’s office is extremely private, with no exterior signs indicating a therapist office. The front door has a security code so no strangers off the street can enter, and there is typically only one client at a time in the waiting room. The windows, office walls, and doors have special soundproofing, so even if someone were outside, they cannot hear any conversations. Her office is a safe and comfortable space, specially designed to meet the needs of college-oriented young adults.



" You may be facing conflicts, difficult decisions, enormous loss, debilitating emotional states, dissatisfaction in relationships or life, or adjustment to college. Psychotherapy can help you understand past experiences and emotional reactions that profoundly impact your choices and the way you live.  

In addition to talk therapy, I offer art therapy, which can be helpful for clients to non-verbally express themselves. You do not need to be an artist to benefit from art therapy; our focus is on helping you improve your life, rather than creating a pretty picture. I also offer secure remote video therapy, which can be a wonderful option for clients in cases of study abroad or vacation.

Insight and self-reflection are essential to make lasting changes in your thoughts and behaviors, and I look forward to helping you improve your current functioning, resolve conflicts, and become happier with your plans for the future."


Private Practice, Psychotherapist, 2008 - Present
Rhode Island College, Counseling Center psychotherapist, 2014 - 2015
Jewish Family Service, Clinical Social Worker, 2013 - 2014
University of Rhode Island, Clinical Counselor and Psychotherapist, 2013 - 2014
Lawrence and Memorial Physicians, Clinical Social Worker, 2010 - 2013
Delta Consultants Providence, Psychotherapist, 2009 - 2010
Morton Hospital Transitional Care Unit, Clinical Social Worker, 2009   
Visiting Nurse Association of Southeastern Massachusetts, Hospice Social Worker, 2007 - 2008
East Orange General Hospital, Social Worker, 2007
Princeton House Behavioral Health, Social Worker, 2006 - 2007
The Help Group, Primary and Community Therapist, 2001 - 2004

Smith College School for Social Work, Certificate of Advanced Clinical Supervision, 2012 – 2013
Phillips Graduate Institute, Post Graduate Certificate, Art Therapy, 2001 – 2003
Smith College School for Social Work, MSW, Clinical Social Work, 1999 – 2001, Thesis on the use of art therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy with hospitalized adolescents
University of Southern California, MA, Visual Antropology, 1986 – 1989, Thesis on the use of ritual for personal transformation within contemporary feminist and lesbian spiritual communities of Los Angeles
Marlboro College, BA, Anthropology, 1981 – 1985, Thesis on the role of women in a rural Maasai community, based on eight months of fieldwork in Kenya



Anxiety – Generalized anxiety, social anxiety, perfectionism, obsessive thoughts and behaviors
Asperger’s syndrome – Addressing anxiety or obsessive interests or behaviors which impact academic or social functioning
College and graduate school-related existential issues – Including adjusting to college and post-college life; navigating concentrations or majors, career paths, study abroad decisions, and one's purpose; questioning big career or lifestyle decisions
Concern for a friend – Figuring out how to approach the harmful behaviors of a friend or loved one
Cultural adjustment – Transitioning as an international, non-cultural normative,  or out-of-state student
Depression – Sleep and energy disruption, overall mood disturbance, inability to enjoy yourself, and difficulty being motivated, among many other symptoms
Family issues – Making sense of family disruptions e.g. separation/divorce, blended families, estrangement, financial/economic instability/changes, difficulty achieving independence or separation from parents
LGBTQ and gender identity issues– Includes any point in the journey of self understanding; questioning, coming out or not, family reactions, advocacy, safety, new relationships, transgender issues
Loss and grief – Working through any significant loss, past or recent
Relationship difficulties – Including managing the challenges of roommate dynamics, professor expectations, romantic relationships, friendships, long distance



Young adults / college students (17 - 29)
Graduate students