What is Be Collaborative Care?

Be Collaborative Care is a holistic eating disorder recovery center in Providence, RI that provides comprehensive care to individuals in all stages of recovery. Staffed by a team of social workers, dieticians, expressive arts therapists, and yoga therapists, Be offers individual and group therapy sessions, and an intensive outpatient program.

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Be is unique among treatment centers in Rhode Island in its holistic, integrative approach, which supports individuals in reconnecting to their bodies and to loved ones. Clinicians at Be will also collaborate with outside treatment teams to provide a full continuum of care. Be clinicians combine evidence-based treatments with a true passion for helping clients heal, and are committed to going the extra mile to meet each client's needs.

Who can seek treatment at Be?

Be welcomes adolescents and adults of all ages and genders, who are seeking support for a wide range of challenges. Most people come to Be when they are in transition, and have found eating to be a recurring challenge.

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Be clinicians specialize in the treatment of eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, emotional eating, and binge eating disorder. Be clinicians get to know each client's eating disorder individually and provide support around associated challenges including anxiety, depression, self-harming behaviors, substance use, over-exercising, and trauma.

What is the Intensive Outpatient Program?

The Intensive Outpatient Program was designed as a middle recovery stage for those who need to step-down from inpatient level of care or partial hospitalization or as a step-up for those whose weekly outpatient care is not enough support. It meets three days per week for three hours, and both evening and midday sessions are available.

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A typical day at the IOP includes meal support, group therapy, self-expression via creative arts, and mind-body work. Be IOP provides added support to therapy; it is not a replacement.

It is understood that the meal support part of the program may be the most difficult experience and patients are supported in their efforts to consume food in a safe environment. Tools such as journaling, intuitive eating, menu planning and various experiential activities, including eating out in restaurants and cooking help develop the diversified and structural curriculum necessary to facilitate nutritional recovery.

What should I know if my child is about to begin care at Be?

Be Collaborative Care is committed to helping families grow closer together through the healing process.

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While every family dynamic is different, and Be clinicians adjust family involvement accordingly, feel it is essential for family members to be a part of the recovery process, and encourage family involvement whenever possible. Supportive care for family members includes:

Family therapy
Individual support for family members
Lending library of books to learn about your loved one's challenges
Workshops for parents and loved ones
Parent groups
Family meals so you can transfer the therapeutic eating environment to the home


Be Collaborative Care

is accepting new clients for individual therapy, group therapy, and
the Intensive Outpatient Program.



A clinician from Be Collaborative Care will contact you within 24hrs. If you have questions or do not hear from them, please contact the Zencare team at hello@zencare.co.