For Managers: 5 Ways to Improve Employee Mental Health

For Managers: 5 Ways to Improve Employee Mental Health

by Katie DiMuzio

Employee mental health is influenced by work environment and culture. Developing a supportive environment and making sure employees feel like they’re able to focus on their mental health can pay off through improved job performance, among other benefits.

Read on for some suggestions on how to create a supportive culture around mental health at your company.

How to support employee mental health

  1. Provide resources and information

    Make sure your employees know about the resources available to them, including your Employee Assistance Program (EAP), the mental health benefits available through their insurance plan, and how to connect with a therapist (we at Zencare can help with that!).

  2. Encourage employees to embrace a healthy work-life balance

    Urge employees to stay active, eat healthy, attend therapy appointments when needed, and plan ahead for vacation to recharge!

  3. Train everyone (especially managers) on how to recognize mental health issues

    Make sure managers know how to address mental health issues in the workplace, too.

  4. Respond appropriately to employees who need support around their mental health

    Knowing that they can come forward with concerns without fear of retribution can begin to break down some of the stigma employees may feel about mental health.

  5. Raise awareness of mental health concerns

    Here are some ways you can bring up mental health concerns in a safe, non-confrontational manner:

    • Have a professional come in and give advice on stress reduction techniques in the workplace.

    • Hold mental health awareness days.

    • Provide resource information (such as Zencare to help employees find the right therapist for them) through emails and newsletters to employees.

Katie DiMuzio

Katie DiMuzio, LCSW, is the Partnerships Manager at Zencare. Through her work as a licensed clinician, Katie discovered how hard it is for people to learn about and access high quality therapy. This brought her to Zencare, where she is leading partnerships in the community to ensure Zencare is reaching those who need it.