Therapists accepting Blue Cross of Massachusetts

Created July 24, 2016. Last updated July 25, 2016.

Hi Zencare users,

We recently learned that some therapists have had problems getting reimbursed by Blue Cross of Massachusetts.
As a result, some aren't accepting new patients with this insurance until the problem is resolved. 

We asked who is accepting new patients with Blue Cross of MA, and voilà, below is the list!
We'll be updating this on a rolling basis. Make sure to check their availability, too!

Please note that while some Blue Cross of MA plans will cover the clinicians below, other plans (e.g. HMO plans) have limited networks or will not cover out-of-state clinicians. 
The only way to figure out your benefits is to ask your insurance company.
Your therapist can help you navigate the process and here is additional information, too.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. We can't guarantee an answer, but will try our best to help out!

Yuri from the Zencare concierge team*

Therapists accepting Blue Cross of Massachusetts patients

NOTE: Some plans (e.g. HMO plans) will often not cover out-of-state clinicians. 

Psychiatrists confirmed as accepting Blue Cross of Massachusetts patients

Therapists who do not accept Blue Cross, but offer a sliding scale

  • Todd Schmenk, LMHC

    • Sliding scale $45 - $70 per session for patients who cannot afford the typical fee
    • Can provide patients with the correct form to get reimbursements
  • Stacy Donn Cristo, LMHC

    • Sliding scale $95 - $125 per session, determined by income, available financial support, and available out-of-network benefits



*P.S. Please note that a clinician cannot force you to pay out of pocket if they accept you as a patient with Blue Cross. If you prefer not to use your insurance, however, you can always agree to waive the use of your insurance and sign a document to that effect.