Life Coaching Near Me in Chicago

Find the best therapists who specialize in life coaching in Chicago. The following life coaches use self-assessment and motivational techniques to help clients maximize their personal or professional potential. Life coaches can assist with a range of issues - everything from improving self-esteem, to finding a romantic partner, to boosting sales at work.

Life coaching is not covered by insurance, but if your licensed therapist incorporates life coaching into treatment for a diagnosable mental health condition, your health insurance may cover your sessions. If you end up paying out of pocket, life coaching ranges from $175 to $200 per session.

Life coaching sessions typically last 45 minutes to one hour. During sessions, your coach will talk to you about your goals and plans for achieving them. You'll also work on breaking unhelpful habits that may have prevented you from meeting success on your own. Most clients see a coach just 8 to 16 times, but some continue with monthly or quarterly check-ins to stay on track.

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The Best Life Coaching In Chicago

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How to find life coaching in Chicago

How much do life coaches charge in Chicago?

If your life coach accepts insurance (and you qualify for coverage), you'd only be responsible for the copay, which is usually $20 to $40 per session. If you have a high-deductible plan, expect to pay $150 to $200+ per session until your insurance starts contributing. Similarly, if you’re paying out of pocket, life coaching may cost anywhere between, or around, those two price points.

You can also ask your life coach if they offer a sliding scale, or reduced fee, to clients with limited financial resources. In Chicago, sliding scales can be as low as $80-100 per session.

Does health insurance cover sessions with a life coach in Chicago?

Life coaching is not typically covered by insurance.

However, if your therapist incorporates life coaching into therapy for a diagnosable mental health condition, your health insurance may cover your sessions. That said, it may be difficult to find therapists who are in-network with health insurances due to low reimbursement rates; one notable exception is Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Given the difficulties of finding an in-network therapist, you may prefer to pay out of pocket or seek out-of-network benefits. For details on your coverage, contact your insurance members services or search your plan documents for your summary of benefits.

What should I look for in a life coach?

There is no one standardized certification for life coaching, but all Zencare life coaches are credentialed therapists who have received additional training in life coaching and incorporate coaching into therapy for high-functioning clients who wish to achieve personal or professional goals. In addition to their therapy license, life coaches may have training from various institutes such as the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) or the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Before you start therapy, be sure your life coach has experience helping clients with concerns like yours. The better your coach understands your situation, the more likely it is that your therapy will succeed.

Your relationship with your life coach is also important. It’s vital you feel comfortable talking openly and honestly about your concerns.

If you feel like coaching isn’t helping, it's fine to start over! There are other Chicago life coaches who could be a better fit, or you may decide to seek a different type of treatment altogether. Zencare’s search options make it easy for you to find vetted life coaches or other specialists who can help you achieve your goals.  

What types of challenges can life coaches help with?

Life coaches help clients fine-tune their lives and realize their fullest potential. You might work with a life coach if you’re happy with your current job and aren’t sure whether to take a promotion. Other clients see life coaches for help with self-esteem, finding a romantic partner, or striking a better work-life balance.