Zencare Client Testimonials

Frequently asked questions

How do Zencare testimonials work?

If you have opted-in to Zencare’s testimonial system, we ask clients to share anonymous feedback about their experience after they book a phone consultation with you. There are two portions to reviews: “testimonials,” which you have the option to share publicly, and “feedback,” which is private and anonymous.

What are the benefits of the testimonial system for providers?

Here are the benefits to you as a provider:

  • Build an online reputation over time through client testimonials without having to solicit them, in compliance with ethical guidelines.

  • Collect private feedback instead of ratings on public platforms that may have long-term damage on your online reputation.

  • Improve your practice through constructive feedback.

What is the goal of the testimonial system?

The goal of the testimonial system is threefold:

  1. To empower providers to build their online reputation.

  2. To share feedback with providers so they can improve their practice.

  3. To help clients find a great provider fit.

How is Zencare’s testimonial system different from reviews?

There are a few key differences between Zencare’s testimonial system and existing review sites.

First, most existing review sites have open feedback loops, meaning anyone can review you, even a non-patient. This can affect how prospective clients view the quality of your practice when searching for you online.

Second, most review systems do not give you the opportunity to manage what is shared about you; given the delicate nature of therapy, this results in reviews not always reflecting the most accurate portrayal of your practice.

Zencare's testimonial system is in your hands, nuanced, and managed for you. You can opt into the system, or keep it turned off. Feedback is shared anonymously and privately with you in order to improve your practice. Testimonials are also aggregated and you have the right to publish them as you choose.

Our system entails “testimonials” rather than “reviews” for a reason -- by having Zencare collect testimonials and feedback on your behalf, we help you build your online reputation and improve your practice, while maintaining ethical practices.