What is East Coast Mental Wellness?

East Coast Mental Wellness is a group of dedicated therapists located on the East Side of Providence.

East Coast Mental Wellness offers individual sessions, group sessions, and online therapy in order to best accomodate their clients' busy lifestyles.

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Individual sessions are tailored to each client's needs and held in a safe and comfortable environment.

Group offerings rotate based on client demand; previous offerings have included mood-focused yoga, self-care for parents of children with special needs, and a group for transgender girs.

If you travel frequently or have difficulty finding time for therapy, online therapy may be for you. Contact East Coast Mental Wellness below to learn more.

What services do you offer?

East Coast Mental Wellness offers care for individuals, groups, and couples, as well as workshops. Therapists have a wide range of specialties and work to meet each client where they are in their life's journey.

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Therapists at East Coast Mental Wellness offer indivualized care for challenges including: LGBT concerns, life transitions such as divorce and loss, post-partum challenges and infertility, and trauma.

Therapists incorporate a range of approaches in order to best meet the needs of their clients, including CBT, psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation.

What makes East Coast Mental Wellness special?

East Coast Mental Wellness focuses on each individual's needs and strives to understand the challenges they are facing within the context of their unique identity.

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East Coast Mental Wellness has therapists who specialize in challenges related to identity, including trans and non-binary identities, LGBQ topics, adolescents and college students discovering their true selves, women in midlife transitions, and marginalized racial and ethnic communities.

Do you offer an open and safe environment?

East Coast Mental Wellness is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment, regardless of gender or sexual identity, relationship status, religious or cultural background.

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Feeling comfortable and understood is a crucial part of the therapeutic process, and therapists at East Coast Mental Wellness are dedicated to being inclusive and welcoming to all backgrounds.


We'd love to hear from you.

Contact East Coast Mental Wellness founder Melissa DaSilva, LICSW.

If you have any questions or do not hear from her, please email the Zencare team at hello@zencare.co.