Eating Disorder Therapists and Dietitians in Rhode Island

The following therapists and dietitians are experts in eating disorder treatment.


Eating Disorder Therapists

Natalie Monaghan, LICSW

Natalie Monaghan is the Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Be Collaborative Care, a center for holistic care and authentic being that caters to the needs of clients navigating eating challenges. Through individual sessions, group therapy, and an Intensive Outpatient Program, she offers comprehensive care for clients in all stages of eating recovery, as well as family support. Natalie’s goal is to help clients reconnect to their bodies, their emotions, and their loved ones.

Brooke Huminski, LICSW

Brooke Huminski brings experience in myriad healthcare settings to her private practice, which lies at the intersection of emotional and physical health. Brooke works with clients who struggle with eating disorders, perfectionism, and shame, as well as those coping with chronic illness and their caregivers. Brooke empowers clients to let go of disruptive patterns of thought in order to uncover and build on existing strengths.

Lauren Rieger - therapist in Providence

Lauren Rieger, LICSW

Lauren Rieger is a psychotherapist specializing in disordered eating, with a particular clinical and research focus on binge eating disorder. She has a special interest in the relationship between trauma and eating disorders, as well as their role in the family system. She also works with clients adjusting to college and other major life transitions, those seeking meaning and purpose, or grappling with spirituality and personal and/or sexual identity.

Judith Orodenker, PhD

Dr. Judith Orodenker is a psychodynamically and Jungian-informed therapist who works with clients holistically to heal body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Orodenker works to understand the deeply hidden emotions behind eating challenges and build positive coping skills in place. Dr. Orodenker brings together over 25 years of experience and a spiritual lens in order to help clients develop a sense of self-worth independent of eating habits.

Sally Mayo, PhD

Dr. Sally Mayo is a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of individuals with eating disorders, as well as their parents. As a former dancer, she understands the pressures of the performing arts and works with many creative professionals. Dr. Mayo’s work honors the mind-body connection and combines art therapy, movement, and talk therapy to move towards individual goals.

Binge Eating and Overeating Specialists

Patricia Engler, PhD

Dr. Patricia Engler is a clinical psychologist specializing in behavioral health changes, particularly healthy weight loss, binge eating, and smoking cessation. Dr. Engler is an expert in cognitive behavioral therapy and uses a collaborative, supportive approach in order to guide clients as they build healthy decision making skills. Dr.Engler also offers group therapy in a small, collaborative group setting that empowers clients to embrace positive change.

Sally Craig, LICSW

Sally Craig has deep expertise in overeating and binge eating, as well as uncovering the painful emotions that lay underneath harmful behaviors. Sally brings a unique background as a group facilitator for individuals considering or undergoing bariatric surgery to her private practice. Sally uses a strengths and skills-based approach and works with many clients on coping with life transitions.

Eating Disorder Dietitians

Elizabeth Fayram, RD

Liz Fayram is a registered dietitian and nutrition therapist who has deep expertise in eating disorders, non-diet approaches to wellness, and making peace with food. Liz goes the extra mile to help clients develop a sustainable nutrition path through intuitive eating and healthy self-care behaviors. All bodies are welcome in Liz’s practice, where she practices a health-at-every-size philosophy. 

Randi Headshot (Square).jpg

Randi Beranbaum, RD

Randi Beranbaum is a registered dietitian specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, particularly binge eating, as well as nutrition management for athletes and weight loss. Randi is the Co-Founder and Nutrition Director at Be Collaborative Care Intensive Outpatient Program, where she runs meal support groups to help clients work towards nutrition goals in a collaborative setting. She helps clients achieve a healthy balance in their relationship with food through intuitive eating, a nutrition philosophy in which clients become more attuned to the body's natural hunger signals as a way to attain a healthy weight. 

Courtney Huard, RD

Courtney Huard is a pediatric and adult registered dietitian offering holistic eating support to infants, toddlers, children, and their parents, as well as college students and young adults. She works with clients as they strive for wellness, including healing from eating disorders, navigating food allergies and gastrointestinal illness, fueling athletics, and understanding pediatric nutrition. Courtney goes above and beyond to support clients through evidence-based therapeutic and dietetic techniques and a compassionate, non-judgemental approach.