+ Where does the name "Zencare" come from?

We named our company "Zencare" because we're on a mission to make the process of finding great care pleasant, smooth, and comforting – in other words, a "zen" experience!

+ Why should I use Zencare?

The most tangible benefit of using Zencare is saved time, effort, and frustration. Typically, searching for the right therapist can take hours to search across multiple listings, insurances, and practitioner websites. You might go through a list of a dozen names, call each therapist, leave messages in their voice mail (since they are in session all day), and play phone tag for a while just to find ten minutes to chat on the phone! And after all that, you may ultimately learn they don't take your insurance or aren't accepting new clients. With Zencare, you have all the information you need at your fingertips, and you can book a phone consultation directly on their profile. Pure delight!

Searching for a therapist is also like dating. You want to find a great personality match since this is someone with whom you're sharing personal information and trusting your well-being. Zencare provides you with photos and videos to make an educated decision in this important process!

Finally, a therapist's membership on Zencare says a lot about their responsivenes to email and text, and openness to new technologies. If you want to see a therapist who understands millennials' needs and is open to adopting new tech platforms to make care more accessible and effective for you, Zencare is the search platform for you.

+ Do I need to be a student to use Zencare?

Anyone can use Zencare! You don't have to be a student :)
Make sure you indicate your age group / background in the filters when you're searching for your therapist, as therapists see different clientele. You can search here for Providence and Boston.

+ Can any therapist join Zencare?

Zencare places a high priority on quality care, and only therapists who go through our rigorous qualification process can join and continue on as a member.

Below are some of the requirements for becoming a Zencare therapist. In addition, a Zencare team member meets with every therapist to ensure they are a good match with our mission!

Recommended. Every Zencare therapist must be recommended in at least one of the following ways.

  • Recommended directly by a client.
  • Referred by a current Zencare therapist or partner institution.
  • Rigorously vetted by the Zencare team in-person or via video call, and can provide client testimonials and/or professional references.

Licensed and in good standing. Zencare therapists must be licensed nationally and at the state level, and in good standing with their state health departments.

Dedicated to improving access to care. We look for therapists who are excited to make access to great care easier for clients like you, including adopting user-friendly resources like self-introductory videos and a way to book phone consultations online!

+ Why don't you have more therapists on Zencare?

Zencare has a selective therapist community as a result of our rigorous, referral-driven qualification process. We've personally experienced going through long lists of names that don't tell you much, and know how overwhelming it can be! Our goal is to focus on quality care, so you don't have to parse through hundreds of provider names and can instead make an educated decision based on robust information on a selective, trusted group.

That said, we're actively working on increasing our network so that you have more options to choose from, including insurances and ethnic diversity of therapists. If there is a therapist you'd recommend, please let us know here!

+ How does Zencare make money?

Therapists pay a membership fee to join Zencare. We help therapists reach clientele they are passionate about seeing, establish an online booking tool for phone consultations, and build a professional online presence so clients like you can find a great match! Zencare also offers therapists opportunities to meet with colleagues so they can learn from each other's expertise, continue to master their profession, and deliver the highest quality care to you.

+ Why can’t I book an in-person appointment directly on Zencare?

We encourage phone consultations before in-person appointments for two main reasons.
First, phone consultations allow clients like you to chat briefly with a therapist, ask questions, and assess whether she or he will be a good personality fit for you – all without a copay and without having to trek to an office! Too often, people go to a therapist’s office, only to realize five minutes into the appointment that they are not a good match. The photos and videos are a good start to making an educated decision about your preferred therapist, and the phone consultation is an extra opportunity to learn what it would be like to see the therapist.
Second, phone consultations allow therapists to determine whether they are the best professional for you! Like any healthcare professional, therapists have different specialty areas, and based on a quick call, can assess whether you are a good match.

+ I can't find a therapist who accepts my insurance. What should I do?

We're actively working on increasing our network so that you have more options to choose from, including insurances! Send us a message here if you can't find a therapist with your insurance, and we'll conduct a custom search. We understand it's not the ideal search method for you, and some insurances are severely limited in certain cities, but we'll do our best to connect you with someone.

Sometimes, your mental health benefits are administered by a different entity than your insurance company. Check the back of your insurance card to see if a different company is listed for your mental health benefits!

+ I'd like to see a therapist who shares my cultural background.
Are you increasing the ethnic diversity of therapists on the site?

Yes! We're certainly working on that and absolutely agree it's important. Our founder is Asian and has experienced the frustration of finding a therapist who shared her background, too! Unfortunately, there are geographical limitations; for example, our understanding based on our research is that there are less than ten Asian therapists in private practice in Providence and the neighboring areas! If you or your friends know therapists from different ethnic backgrounds, please feel free to share here. We're dedicated to increasing the diversity of therapist backgrounds while maintaining high quality of care!

+ Is Zencare available in my city?

Currently, Zencare serves the young adult population in Providence, RI. The founding team attended university there, and we wanted to give back to the community! We're continually expanding our service to other populations and new cities. If you're interested in helping us expand, please email our founder, Yuri, at yuri@zencare.co. We'd love to hear from you!

+ How can I get involved?

We're so excited that you're interested in helping our mission! Please email our founder, Yuri, at yuri@zencare.co. We'd love to hear from you!