FAQ on Zencare's feedback system

For users

How do Zencare testimonials work?

After you book a phone consultation with a provider who has opted-in to Zencare’s review system, we ask you to share anonymous feedback about your experience. Reviews are aggregated anonymously by submitters and sent to providers every 3-6 months. There are two portions to reviews: testimonials, which may be shared publicly, and feedback, which is private and anonymous. Providers have the option of adding testimonials to their profile if desired, or keeping it internal and using client experiences to build on existing strengths and improve their practice.

What are the client benefits of testimonials?

High quality of care is Zencare’s priority. Before a provider joins our network, we have a video interview with them, conduct a full background check of license and court cases, and receive guidance from our Medical Advisor. Collecting constructive feedback allows us to ensure that our network provides ongoing excellent care, while also empowering clients to share their experiences with us and their providers. Testimonials also give future clients information about a provider’s approach and treatment style, and helping them determine which provider might be best for them.

How are Zencare testimonials different?

All Zencare user testimonials have been submitted by clients after having a phone consultation with a provider. Our goal is to share testimonials that are fair, accurate, and trustworthy. Three things set these testimonials apart from others:

  • Our testimonials come from real clients, collected through closed-loop systems. In a closed-loop system, every testimonial is written by an actual client, after they have used Zencare to connect with the provider. This differs from an open-loop system, in which reviews can be written by anyone such as people who have never actually seen the provider, or even by the provider's friends.

  • We ask for constructive, private feedback on behalf of providers. It can be difficult for providers to improve their practice if a client suddenly stops returning for appointments without any reason or feedback. At the same time, it it against the code of ethics for certain therapist professions to solicit testimonials from clients. We give clients a platform through which to provide constructive, anonymous, private feedback to providers so providers can improve their practices while also building their reputation online.

  • We aggregate feedback. Because therapy can be such a personal service, we aggregate feedback every 3-6 months, allowing clients to provide truly anonymous feedback to their provider.

Does Zencare moderate testimonials?

Yes, our team reviews all testimonials to ensure they are in compliance with our guidelines. Specifically, they cannot contain any:

  • Personally identifiable information

  • Profanity

  • Information regarding diagnoses

We moderate testimonials to ensure we're building a trustworthy, reliable system that is helpful to both clients and providers.

For providers

How do Zencare testimonials work?

If you have opted-in to Zencare’s review system, we ask clients to share anonymous feedback about their experience after they book a phone consultation with you. Reviews are aggregated and sent to you every 3-6 months. There are two portions to reviews: testimonials, which you have the option to share publicly, and feedback, which is private and anonymous.

Provider rights

The goal of the feedback system is threefold: to empower providers to improve their practice and build their online reputation, ensure the quality of our network, and help clients find a great provider fit.

Existing review sites have open feedback loops, meaning anyone can review and star-rate a provider, even a non-patient. This can affect how prospective clients view the quality of your practice when searching for you online (would you want to see a doctor who has a two-star review?).

Zencare's feedback system is designed to address these issues: it is in your hands, nuanced, and managed for you. You can opt into the system, or keep it turned off. Feedback is shared anonymously, in aggregate, and privately with you in order to improve your practice. Testimonials are also aggregated and you have the right to publish them as you choose  By having Zencare collect feedback on your behalf, we help you improve your practice while maintaining ethical practices. In summary:

  • Build an online reputation over time through client testimonials without having to solicit them, in compliance with ethical guidelines.

  • Collect private feedback instead of ratings on public platforms that may have long-term damage on your online reputation.

  • Improve your practice through constructive feedback.