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I. Apply for initial vetting

Our priority is quality of care, so we'll schedule a video call to learn about your practice and ask for references. Our high standards for clinical rigor give prospective clients the assurance and trust to reach out.

II. Create a beautiful profile

Once you're onboard, we'll create a beautiful and professional online presence for you, including professional photos and videos, so that prospective clients can choose you for your unique expertise.

III. Start accepting referrals!

Once your profile is live, you'll be ready to receive requests from clients you love seeing! Clients book an initial call with you to avoid phone tag, and you can update availability to save time.

What We Look For In Therapists

Commitment to professional mastery

All Zencare therapists have the appropriate education and experience for their specialty and are dedicated to mastering their profession. They offer clinically rigorous treatment and can provide strong references.

Personability and professionalism

Therapy is a highly personal relationship, and prospective clients want to see therapists who are friendly, intelligent, and responsive. We've personally experienced too many instances of therapists not returning calls for days, and simply don't want our users to have that experience, too.

Belief in the Zencare mission

Zencare users tell their friends about us because of their awesome experience with their search process and the therapists they're connected with. We're always improving our service, and look for therapists who share our mission of improving access to great care so that we can accomplish this goal together.

A Beautiful, Professional Profile

Look great with professional photos and Zencare vetting assurance.

How Zencare Differs From Listing Services

  • Exclusive membership extended only to top mental health professionals who pass our rigorous vetting process.
  • Better matches and higher retention as clients make educated decisions based on your video and profile content.
  • Personal concierge team that matches prospective clients with you, based on your expertise and approach.
  • Private pay clients who request your care based on your expertise, personality match, and testimonials.
  • 24/7 email, phone, text support from a responsive, friendly concierge team that guides you every step of the way :)

You're In Great Company

Join top psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, and dietitians.

Dr. Stephanie Hartselle

Stephanie Hartselle, MD

" Zencare increases my value in the community because it highlights only select, talented clinicians. It enables me to work with people who make permanent change in their lives. "

Dr. Deborah Sepinwall

Deborah Sepinwall, PhD

" With Zencare, I've seen my practice flourish – both by enriching my caseload with psychologically-minded and motivated university students; and by significantly growing my business. "

Dr. Marnee Colburn

Marnee Colburn, PhD

" Zencare is a boon to any therapist lucky enough to be invited. Because it is so incredibly user-friendly, Zencare is a huge asset to any clinical practice; referrals are easily increased. "

Meg Robinson

Meg Robinson, LICSW

" I've absolutely recommended Zencare to all my colleagues because it feeds a good, solid base of clients who are engaged, want to get better, and really see the value in therapy. "

Ivy Marwil

Ivy Marwil, LICSW

" Zencare has been a wonderful source of referrals. Every client I have received has been motivated and interesting. They are more invested in who they are seeing because they have the ability to navigate the system; they have a choice with Zencare. "

Susana Gertudes

Suzana Gertrudes, LICSW

" I've been super busy since joining Zencare, which is great! Zencare clients have followed through on their first intake appointment and continued with therapy. Clients say it’s great to see what the therapist is like and that the site is easy to navigate. "

Simple, Transparent Pricing

A simple flat fee is all you pay, no matter how many clients you're referred!
Just one client will pay for the whole year.

Solo Practice

$ 34
Per month paid annually or
$39 paid monthly*
*Both are annual plans
+ One-time set up $50
  • Beautiful, professional profile
  • Vetting by the Zencare team
  • Professional photos and video
  • Initial call booking platform
  • Search engine optimization

Group practice

$ 94
Per month paid annually or
$99 paid monthly*
*Both are annual plans
+ One-time set up $120
  • Individual profiles for 3 clinicians
  • Professional group practice page
  • Group practice logo
  • Priority support
  • $29/mo per add'l clinician + $40 set up

Become a Zencare-trusted therapist.

We'll guide you along the way.


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