Therapists In-Network with Magellan Health in Connecticut

Magellan Health is a common health insurance in Connecticut, and individuals who have Magellan Health may wish to find therapists who are in-network with their health insurance.

When you see a therapist who is in-network with Magellan Health, each session you’ll pay only a copay, which typically ranges from $0-$75/session. Depending on your plan, you may first need to pay the provider’s full session fee until you meet your annual deductible, which is the total amount of medical expenses required before your health insurance starts to cover costs. Some plans cover the cost of in-network therapy sessions before the deductible is met; to verify whether your specific plan covers therapy sessions and at what rate, visit the Magellan Health website or call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask about your coverage for outpatient mental health.

Find vetted therapists in Connecticut who are in-network with Magellan Health below. Visit their profiles to watch an introductory video and book a free initial call to find a good fit!

Amy  Owen

Amy Owen

Online Sessions, CT

In-network with Magellan Health
Waitlist available online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $125 per session

Welcome. I’m thrilled you’ve made it here. 

I am here to help—to help you move beyond the mental roadblocks and anxious feelings that seem overwhelming and are holding you back; to help you reset and reconnect with the feelings of comfort and calm that have gone missing; and, above all, to help you build your sense of empowerment to move through the world on your own terms with feelings of independence, confidence, and pride. 

I specialize in helping teens, families, and young professionals navigate life’s transitions. 

Maybe you’re struggling to find your feet at a new school or office. Maybe you’re ramping up to make a major decision. Maybe you’ve come to rely on a network of support, only to find it slipping lately. Or, maybe you’re just feeling a bit lost or out-of-sorts, and you’re not exactly sure why. 

If you’re a parent reading this, maybe you’re feeling like you don’t recognize your son or daughter anymore, or maybe your recent efforts to help your child cope and flourish have been coming up short. 

Whatever the case, I am here to help.

Sarah  Monteleone

Sarah Monteleone

1 Bradley Road, Woodbridge, CT, 06525

Online Sessions, CT

In-network with Magellan Health
Waitlist available online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $150 per session

I endeavor to create a holding space to allow exploration, healing and growth. My hope is to co-construct treatment and empower clients to define their own life stories, create meaning, and ultimately heal.

Sankofa Counseling

Sankofa Counseling

1423 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT, 06511

Online Sessions, CT

In-network with Magellan Health
Accepting new clients in-person & online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $75 - $175 per session

Sankofa Counseling is a private therapy practice in New Haven, CT that specializes in providing strength-based, client-centered care to individuals on issues that include depression, trauma, substance use disorders, and anxiety. The providers at Sankofa Counseling welcome individual adults, young adults, and teenagers, as well as parents and senior citizens.

Matt  Brennan

Matt Brennan

Online Sessions, CT

In-network with Magellan Health
Not accepting new clients
Out-of-pocket-fees: $100 - $200 per session

Welcome! Making the choice to begin therapy is a wonderfully brave and self-affirming decision. As a therapist, I try to bring a sense of both safety and change to your healing journey. Our work together will focus on helping you connect to your inner aliveness while at the same time improving your practical skills. We will work on slowing down so you can really find yourself and experience being seen, heard, and understood. And, you'll learn the skills and strategies needed to effectively improve your mood, life, and relationships.

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How to use Magellan Health for therapy in Connecticut

Does Magellan Health cover therapy in Connecticut?

Yes, nearly all Magellan Health plans cover therapy in Connecticut for mental health and behavioral health conditions. However, the rate of coverage depends on your particular plan and the provider you’re seeing.

How much does therapy cost in Connecticut with a Magellan Health plan?

The cost of sessions depends on your plan’s coverage, and whether you’re seeing a therapist who is in- or out-of-network with Magellan Health.

When you see a therapist who is in-network with Magellan Health, after you’ve met your plan’s annual deductible, you’ll pay only a copay at each session. Most Magellan Health copays range from $0-$75.

You can find out how much your copay and deductible are by looking at your summary of benefits or contacting the insurance company directly.

What types of therapy does Magellan Health cover?

As with most health insurances, Magellan Health covers many types of therapy provided by clinicians who are licensed in Connecticut. Clinicians may use a range of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and supportive therapy.

For Magellan Health to cover sessions in Connecticut, you must be seeking care to treat a diagnosable mental health condition, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, eating disorders, and substance use disorders.

What types of therapy does Magellan Health not cover?

Magellan Health does not cover services related to mental health challenges that do not meet diagnosable criteria, which may include couples counseling, life coaching, career coaching, or sessions lasting for a longer duration than clinically indicated.

Using Magellan Health to pay for therapy in Connecticut may mean certain limitations to care, such as a limited number of covered sessions or adherence to a designated session length. Therapy services beyond that which insurances typically cover may require prior authorization, or be paid for out-of-pocket.

How do I find Magellan Health therapists in Connecticut?

If you are in Connecticut, you can find in-network Magellan Health therapists on Zencare. Therapists are quality-vetted, and you can watch introductory videos, check up-to-date availability, and book a free call to find a good fit!