Marriage Counseling In NYC

Find the best therapists who offer marriage counseling in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York. The following therapists specialize in supporting married couples through conflicts, communication challenges, and marital issues.

Marriage counseling is therapy for couples in committed relationships. The couple meets with a therapist, often once a week for several weeks or months, to address relationship challenges, navigate difficult conversations, and identify useful communication and problem solving techniques.

Marriage counselors in NYC typically charge between $175 - $250+ per session; if you cannot afford these fees, you can ask counselors for a sliding scale of lower fees. In NYC, it can be possible to find marriage counselors who offer fees as low as $100 per session.

Marriage counseling sessions are usually longer than individual therapy sessions, and tend to run around 60 minutes; some sessions can last around 75 or 90 minutes (especially in the beginning/assessment sessions). Sometimes, counselors will also meet with the partners individually to understand both sides of the presenting problem.

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Marriage Counseling in NYC

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How much does marriage counseling in NYC cost?

Marriage counseling costs in NYC vary, depending on the therapist and the couple’s insurance coverage. Private therapists on average cost between $175 and $250 for a one hour session.

Does health insurance cover marriage counseling in NYC?

Yes, many health insurances cover couples or marriage counseling. However, many therapists, psychologists, and marriage counselors in NYC are not in-network with any health insurances. To see if marriage counseling is covered by your insurance, call the number on the back of your insurance card and inquire with your insurance provider.

Where are marriage counseling sessions held in NYC?

Marriage counselors in NYC tend to be concentrated in Manhattan, with offices in Midtown, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, and the Upper East and West Sides. You can also find marriage counselors throughout Brooklyn and Queens.

How does marriage counseling work?

Marriage counseling helps couples increase awareness of current patterns of interaction and their impact on their relationship. With the guidance of the couples counselor, partners are able to practice more effective and healthy communication, as well as problem solving techniques to increase relationship satisfaction.

What to expect from marriage counseling

Couples who engage in marriage counseling can expect to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of themselves, their partner, and their relationship. Through marriage counseling, couples can work to resolve conflicts and increase satisfaction in their relationship.

What happens in marriage counseling sessions

In marriage counseling sessions, couples can expect to be guided through a process of reflection on their relationship. The therapist facilitates communication between partners as they increase awareness of their individual and relationship needs and goals, as well as practical next steps to improve relationship satisfaction.