Motivational Interviewing Therapists In NYC

Find the best motivational interviewing therapists in NYC. Motivational interviewing is a type of therapy technique that helps people make desired behavioral changes by addressing ambivalence and identifying personal reasons for change. It was developed to deal with addiction, but can also be helpful to anyone who is struggling to make a choice about their problematic behavior. Therapists who practice motivational interviewing guide you through a series of questions about the behavior you'd like to change, listen to your answers, and then let you arrive at your own conclusions, ultimately uncovering the most powerful self-motivations behind your goals.

The following therapists specialize in motivational interviewing. Most are based in Manhattan with the majority concentrated in Midtown, but there are offices throughout NYC.

If you are seeking motivational interviewing as a treatment approach for a diagnosable mental health concern such as an addiction, insurance plans will likely cover your therapy sessions. These include Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and Medicare. If you’re paying out of pocket, expect to pay anywhere from $175 to $250 per session in New York City.

Motivational interviewing sessions typically last 45 minutes to 1 hour, similar to most therapy sessions. Therapists begin by asking about the behavior you'd like to change and your history with it as well asthe pros and cons of trying something different. Though clients may reach a conclusion within a visit or two, sessions typically last at least a few months to help the client formulate a plan and get the therapist’s support in realizing their goals.

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How to find the best motivational interviewing therapist in New York City

What can motivational interviewing help with?

Motivational interviewing has been shown to help with addiction recovery from a variety of substances (including drug and alcohol addictions) and behaviors (such as gambling). While motivational interviewing is designed as a short-term form of therapy, many therapists incorporate it into general psychotherapy sessions, integrating techniques with other types of therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy. Therapists who provide motivational interviewing as part of addiction treatment may also recommend a 12-step program in your area for additional peer support.

How much do motivational interviewing therapists charge in NYC?

If you're paying out of pocket, motivational interviewing can cost anywhere from $100 to more than $250 per session. If your therapist accepts your health insurance, you'd only be responsible for the copay, which typically comes out to $20 to $40 per session. If you have a high-deductible plan, expect to pay the full out-of-pocket amount until your insurance benefits kick in.

Does health insurance in NYC cover motivational interviewing?

Yes, if your health insurance covers therapy then it covers motivational interviewing as treatment for mental health conditions. Note that in NYC, it is easier to find therapists who are in-network with insurances such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna, and more difficult with insurances such as UnitedHealthcare and Aetna. (Fewer therapists choose to work with these health insurances due to low reimbursement rates.)

Where are most motivational interviewing therapists located?

Most NYC therapists who offer motivational interviewing are based in Manhattan. The majority practice in Midtown, but there are some on the Upper East and West Sides as well as in Greenwich Village, SoHo, and the Financial District.

What should I look for in a motivational interviewing therapist?

Motivational interviewing can be offered by a social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist or any mental health professional. Your therapist should have experience with the type of behavior that concerns you, such as substance use disorder. Also, personal fit and comfort is key to success in any therapeutic treatment. Since motivational interviewing is a highly interactive therapy, it works best when there is a strong relationship with the therapist, and you should feel comfortable enough to fully open up with the therapist you choose.