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Committed to Addiction Recovery Group Therapy NYC

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This is a long-term therapy group for professionals in recovery from addictions and substance use disorders. This is an aftercare group that will explore next steps in sobriety after stabilization. Group members must be abstinent from mind and mood-altering substances and have a strong foundation of recovery. The group will discuss ways to cope with daily life stressors in sobriety, such as work/life balance, interpersonal communication, relationship issues, and emotional regulation.


1115 Broadway, New York, New York 10010


Wednesday evenings, 6:00pm - 7:30pm


$100 per session.

Group Therapist

Jaclyn Einstein is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Flatiron, Manhattan specializing in substance use, life transitions, anxiety, depression, relationships, communication skills, and infertility counseling. She has particular expertise in supporting professionals with high stress jobs, as well as individuals in substance use recovery. As a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Use Counselor, she draws upon extensive experience in treating substance-related challenges, including working with parents whose children struggle with addiction or young adults reconciling with a family history of substance abuse.

Jaclyn's practice has a particular focus on supporting high powered executives and entrepreneurs who have high stress jobs with high stakes and high risk. She supports them to cope with daily life stressors such as work/life balance, interpersonal communication, and boundary setting. She also help them to strategize, discuss ideas, and sometimes even role play before business meetings. Many clients see Jaclyn to optimize effectiveness and performance at their job and in their lives, as well as to improve their professional and personal relationships. Jaclyn also enjoys helping emerging adults develop the coping skills to successfully navigate transitions in their personal and professional lives.

Jaclyn draws from a background in both insight-oriented and skill-based therapeutic modalities, with an emphasis on psychoanalytic psychotherapy. She also utilizes motivational interviewing and other behavioral interventions to help clients change undesirable patterns. She is committed to providing a supportive and safe environment for clients to find insight, growth, and personal fulfillment. Her office in Flatiron is conveniently located near multiple metro stations.