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Adult Psychodynamic Group Therapy

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This is a six-week-long talk group for adults struggling with depression, social anxiety and/or relationship conflict. Learn how to reform and strengthen relationships while learning other ways of functioning in the world from other perspectives. Promote self-awareness and intimacy in the presence of group leader and adult peers.

The group meets in a very spacious Union Square suite and is easily accessible from most MTA trains.


1 Union Square West, New York 10003


Fridays TBD; please inquire for more details


$80/session; if you pay for all six sessions up front, you’ll get one free

Group Therapist

Jon Ehinger is a New York Licensed Creative Arts Therapist who specializes in art and talk therapy with kids, adolescents, and adults. He also leads psychodynamic talk therapy groups focusing on social skills and relationships for teens and adults.

Jon enjoys working with children with ADHD who have trouble sitting and talking by utilizing art therapy materials such as painting, drawing, and clay as creative coping releases. He believes that art therapy can help children and adolescents express themselves, relieve stress, and navigate challenging situations. Jon also utilizes art therapy combined with more traditional verbal therapy when working with adults, and has found the use of art materials helps adults access the wordless, timeless space where deeper feelings live, allowing you to more fully express yourself.

Jon's therapeutic approach is empathic, spontaneous, and focused on your life goals and challenges. He has over ten years of experience working as a therapist and believes that everyone deserves to have a life that's full of joy. He understands that everyone possesses an innate, remarkable ability to learn, grow, and heal themselves with the right support and therapeutic rapport Jon offers. Jon has offices in Brooklyn's Grand Army Plaza and Manhattan's Union Square where he looks forward to helping you or your child discover the creative spark within.