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Anxiety and Life Transitions Art Therapy Group NYC



Come and find a creative open art therapy studio where you can create whatever you would like. A small group, facilitated by an art therapist, can allow the your stressors and anxieties to come into perspective. This group is focused on helping people experiencing life transitions and anxiety.


70-21 170th St, Fresh Meadows, NY 11366


Every Other Tuesday from 8:30pm - 10:00pm


$60 per session

Group Therapist

Stephanie Saklad is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in Queens, New York specializing in anxiety, existential challenges, life transitions, and supporting family members of individuals with severe mental illness. Drawing upon her training in a social justice and psycho-dynamic program, her particular area of expertise is in helping clients uncover and recover from trauma. She works closely with each individual, providing a trusting, therapeutic relationship and promoting healing at a comfortable pace.

Art therapy with Stephanie involves combining traditional psychotherapy with creative outlets such as collage, clay, and paint. Art therapy can be a valuable tool to ground in the present moment and access deep-seated emotions in a nonverbal way. Her work is guided by empowering clients to build confidence, confront challenges head-on, and regain control.