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8 Week Eating Disorder Therapy Group NYC



An 8-week series providing education to help participants explore their relationship with food and how it connects to their emotions, bodies and social interactions. This installment of the group will include a specific focus on preparing for the holiday season.  

The group is facilitated by an art therapist and a registered dietitian in a small group setting.  This unique team approach allows clients to translate the language of food and create connections about how their life is impacted by their eating disorders.  From this place, the clients can work towards making active changes to move forward in their recovery.    

Lauren and Jessica have co-facilitated groups together for many years.  They believe strongly in the mind-body connection and fusing their individual disciplines of therapy and nutrition to help clients achieve and maintain their recovery. 


240 Madison Avenue, Office 10L, New York, NY 10016


Monday nights from 7:00pm to 8:30pm starting October 15th, 2018.


The group will accept adults 18 and older for a cost of $95 per night.

Group Therapist

Lauren Fabrizio is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist with an office in Midtown Manhattan. Having led art therapy groups and coordinated programs across treatment centers in NYC, she is an expert in supporting adults with eating disorders. She values a team-based approach, collaborating closely with each client’s team of physicians, psychiatrists, and dietitians to ensure close-looped care. She is also highly skilled in helping clients recover from trauma, engaging with them to build healthy coping mechanisms and take gentle steps toward recovery.

Lauren’s approach is interactive, hands-on, and client-centered. She uses a combination of traditional talk therapy and art therapy in her sessions to release deep-seated emotional pains and heal in expressive ways.