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Grief Support Group



This group will be a supportive environment in which individuals will be able to give and receive support from others through the sharing of their collective experiences. It provides a connection with others who understand how it feels to experience grief, with the goal of helping to learn new ways of coping with your grief as you heal from your loss.


161 W. 54th St.,
Suite 602A,
New York, NY 10019


Thursdays, 6:00pm-7:30 pm



Group Therapist

Diane Brennan is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Midtown, Manhattan. She specializes in grief and has extensive experience offering short-term support for young adults. The majority of her clients are professionals in their 20s or 30s who are navigating a first-time loss. Many individuals who come to Diane want to work through existential issues and ultimately find a way to heal.

Diane’s sessions are client-centered in that she invites her clients to give their opinion and guide sessions. She uses an eclectic combination of modalities, drawing on cognitive-based therapies, a narrative approach, and constructivist approaches. She is also experienced in facilitating creative expression in the therapy room, including through art, music, and guided meditation. Diane knows that grief is such a unique process, so she strives to create an individualized treatment plan that works for the individual she is treating.

Diane offers a safe space where clients can work through their grief and loss along with any other challenges they are facing. Outside of individual therapy, Diane facilitates groups and workshops around grief and bereavement. Her office is located near the 57th Street subway station.