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Psychodynamic Therapy Group for Substance Use Issues



Dr. Bill Gottdiener will be leading a psychodynamic therapy group that will meet for 60 minutes and run for 24 weeks. 

Group members will be supported in discussing their personal experiences and will be taught expressive techniques to assist in identifying and working through interpersonal relationship issues.  Group members will be encouraged to examine how alcohol and drugs are used in relation to their emotions and behaviors and will learn methods of problem solving that avoid the use of alcohol and drugs.  

The safe-space of the group will enable group members to address and resolve difficult feelings and problematic relationship patterns that may arise in the group.  As members are better able to understand and express their internal experiences and emotions, they will be less inclined to use drugs and alcohol in problematic ways.

If interested, please call Elevate360 at 212-204-8430 to set up an appointment for the initial consultation for group screening.


Elevate360, 369 Lexington Avenue, Suite 14A, New York, NY 10017


Tuesdays from 6:00pm to 7:00pm


  • Initial Group Assessment: $275

  • Group Fee: $125 per session

Group Therapist

Dr. William Gottdiener is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst at Elevate360, an outpatient addiction recovery center in Midtown Manhattan. He has extensive experience in addiction counseling, including both substance use and other behavioral challenges. He provides a safe space where clients can speak freely about their thoughts and emotions, and collaboratively determine how to best respond.

Using a primarily psychodynamic approach, Dr. Gottdiener enjoys exploring the motivations behind substance use and working with his clients to develop healthier and safer coping strategies. He establishes an individualized treatment plan and helps his clients set realistic goals, broken down into achievable steps. He wants his clients to feel safe and supported as they explore the patterns in their lives and learn how to work through feelings of sadness, anger, and fear. 

Dr, Gottdiener's goal for each of his clients is to live a life that they love and are proud of. He has over two decades of clinical experience that includes work in drug treatment programs and community mental health clinics. His office at Elevate360 is located a short walk from Grand Central.