Family Therapists in Rhode Island


Family Therapists in Providence, RI

Katie Grifka LICSW

Katie Grifka, LICSW

Katie is a therapist in private practice in Providence with a specialty in children, adolescents, family conflicts, ADHD, and parenting. As a public school social worker, Katie has worked with elementary and middle school children on issues such as school and separation anxiety, impulse control issues, ADHD, and discord within families. She also has extensive experience supporting adolescents and teenagers overcome social anxiety.

Catherine Horton, LICSW

Catherine Horton, LICSW

Catherine is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker specializing in adolescent, young adult, parenting and family issues. She has expertise in working with parents who are trying to have better communication with their child, address safety issues, and better support their child through structure, boundaries, and limit setting. She helps parents to identify and work on things that are blocking them from being efficacious in their personal, parenting and family life.

Michael Robbins, PhD

Michael Robbins, PhD

Dr. Michael Robbins is a psychologist in private practice in Providence, RI with over 15 years of experience. Dr. Robbins trained in community centers in New York City and San Francisco, where he gained experience working with people from all different backgrounds, and he particularly enjoys seeing international students and people in the LGBTQ community. Dr. Robbins has expertise in depression, anxiety disorders including OCD, and parenting issues.

Cathy Lewis

Cathy Lewis, LICSW

Cathy specializes the treatment of children, adolescents, adults, parents, and families. Her expertise areas include adoption and foster care, LGBTQQ topics, trauma, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and depression. She has extensive experience working with LGBTQQ clients exploring sexuality and gender identity, and has advanced training in treating psychological trauma. She also works closely with parents and children who have gone through or are currently going through the adoption process. 

Jayna Klatzker

Jayna Klatzker, LICSW

Jayna received her Masters in Social Work from Boston University, and her BS in Psychology and Social Work from Eastern Michigan University. She serves many young adults from senior year of high school through college graduation, as well as adults of all ages. She sees clients for a range of concerns, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, learning difficulties, and life transitions, and has a strong focus on LBGTQQIA and transgender topics.

Dr. Marnee Colburn

Marnee Colburn, PhD

Dr. Colburn is a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of young adults, college students, adolescents, children, and families. Her focus areas include anxiety, mood disorders, adjustment and life stage transitions, relationship difficulties, family issues, parenting, and stress management. In her work with children, Dr. Colburn includes families in the therapy process as a team. She also sees many clients in the LGBTQ community. 

Loren Margelefsky

Loren Margelefsky, LICSW, ATR

Loren is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice. She helps clients struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, family issues, and grief and loss and offers individual, couples, and family sessions. Loren particularly enjoys working with tweens through adults to strengthen their own abilities to address life challenges. She uses interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy, and as a Registered Art Therapist, incorporates art therapy for clients who are seeking this treatment option.

Dr. Sally Mayo

Sally Mayo, PhD

Dr. Mayo is a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of male and female individuals with eating disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and life transitions. Her approach to psychotherapy is an integrated, theoretical and practical model that accommodates the goals of the patient, individual difference, and readiness for change. Dr. Mayo works with clients age 18 and older in individual, couple, and family sessions.

Natalie Monaghan, LICSW

Natalie Monaghan, LICSW

Natalie Monaghan is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and disordered eating. She also helps parents better understand the inner experience of a child with an eating disorder in order to strengthen patterns of communication and foster supportive relationships. Natalie utilizes a skills-based and Gestalt approach, helping clients build positive coping skills and tap into deep emotions and vulnerabilities to create lasting change.

Family Therapists in Pawtucket, RI

Cindy Jones, LMHC - Therapist in Pawtucket, RI

Cindy Jones, LMHC

Cindy is a Mental Health Counselor in Pawtucket with over 25 years of clinical experience. She has expertise in helping individuals struggling with career challenges, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, communication skills, and couples and relationship issues including divorce and separation. Cindy is also passionate about improving individuals' communication skills, including between friends, family members, couples, and work colleagues or supervisors.

Family Therapists in Cranston, RI

Kimberly Benchsky, LMHC

Kimberly Benchsky, LMHC

Kimberly is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Cranston, Rhode Island, specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. She also sees individuals for grief, family conflicts, and life changes, such as becoming a new mother, empty nest syndrome, and transitions from adolescent to adulthood. She supports individuals on the spectrum through social skills, family interactions, and sensory difficulties.

Family Therapists in Rumford, RI

Sage Goodwin, LMFT

Sage Goodwin, LMFT

Sage is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in couples therapy. Sage also enjoys seeing individuals for anxiety, depression, parenting skills, recovery from trauma, relationship challenges, and life transitions. Life transitions may include job transitions, caring for aging parents, and trying to gain a deeper understanding of one's inner self.

Family Therapists in Warwick, RI

Chantal Sebban, LICSW

Chantal Bolger

Chantal is a licensed mental health counselor in Warwick, RI. Chantal has deep expertise in providing trauma-informed care to survivors of violence and abuse, including working through childhood violence and processing a recent traumatic event. In addition, Chantal sees clients struggling with anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, family issues, academic issues, anger management, and self-harm. Chantal works with all age groups, from children through adults, including couples and family sessions.

Jody Ritter, LMHC - Therapist in Warwick, RI

Jody Ritter, LMHC

Jody is a Mental Health Counselor at The Holistic Heart, a holistically-oriented group practice in Warwick, Rhode Island. Jody has particular expertise in anxiety, depression, trauma, anger management, grief and loss, and self-esteem and resiliency building. She has worked with many trauma survivors as a crime victims witness for a county attorney’s office, as well as the executive director of a crisis center. Jody works with clients age 13 and older in individual, couples, and family sessions.

Kimberly Endres, LMHC

Kimberly Endres, LMHC

Kimberly Endres is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and the owner of Endres & Associates, LLC. She works with a broad spectrum of clients in private practice. Kimberly particularly enjoys seeing children and adults with anxiety, depression, self esteem issues, behavior difficulties, work or school difficulties, relationship issues and beyond, in individual and family sessions. She is a graduate of Salve Regina University with over 10 years of experience in the mental health field.

Family Therapists in East Greenwich, RI

Wendy O'Connor, PsyD - Cognitive Behavioral Therapist CBT in Providence 02906 / East Greenwich 02818 Rhode Island

Wendy O'Connor, PsyD

Dr. O’Connor is a Stanford-trained Cognitive Behavioral psychotherapist and life coach offering expert care in East Greenwich and Providence, RI. Dr. O’Connor works with adolescents, college students, adults, and is particularly skilled at couples therapy and supporting parents, in individual, couples, and family sessions. In addition to her expertise in CBT, she also incorporates mindfulness practices to help clients find greater balance in their lives.

Family Therapists in North Kingstown, RI

Julie Pearson, LICSW - Therapist in North Kingstown, RI

Julie Pearson, LICSW

Julie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice with over 20 years of experience working with individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, anger, self-esteem issues, and relationship issues. Recently, she has also developed an interest in supporting women who are experiencing peripartum depression. Julie works with clients age 21 and older in individual, family, and group therapy sessions.

Deirdre Murphy, LICSW - Therapist in North Kingstown, RI

Deirdre Murphy, LICSW

Deirdre is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at the North Kingstown location of the group practice RICBT. Deirdre has expertise in ADHD, anger management, parenting, and self-harm. She offers individual, couples, and family sessions. Deirdre combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) with mindfulness based approaches to help her clients heal holistically.

Family Therapists in Middletown, RI

Heather Locke, LMHC

Heather Locke, LMHC

Heather is a counselor who has been working in the mental health field for almost 20 years. She has experience both as a therapist and administrator at mental health care centers, and is an Advanced Chemical Dependency Professional, the highest level of certification as a substance abuse counselor.Heather has particular expertise in addiction recovery, grief and loss, trauma, anxiety and stress management, self-care skill building, and dual diagnosis.