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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)


Throughout our lives, we unintentionally learn that certain emotions or thoughts are “good” and others are “bad.” Then, as a matter of course, we do everything we can to get rid of the bad and strive for the good. Or we judge ourselves and decide there must be something wrong with us if we have the “bad” ones. ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) seeks to help people have a different relationship with thoughts and feelings and to understand that the premise of good and bad simply isn’t true. As humans, we have all kinds of thoughts and feelings that aren’t good or bad, they are just normal. ACT is based in scientific research, which tells us that thoughts and emotions probably aren’t the problem, but rather that human beings’ efforts to escape and avoid them is the problem. You will learn how to approach the thoughts, feelings, sensations, and experiences from which you’ve historically sought to move away; you will move towards having a bigger and more fulfilling life. Acceptance and letting go isn’t intuitive and the work isn’t easy, but it is ultimately the path to stop struggling and find peace.


400 Massasoit Avenue, Suite 303, East Providence, RI 02914


Thursdays at 7:15pm (East Providence)


$60 per session. Insurance may reduce this amount.

Group Therapist

Dr. Wendy Ossman, PsyD, is a Clinical Psychologist at RICBT who specializes in ACT, Anger, Anxiety, Binge Eating, Career Issues, Couples, DBT, Depression, Family, Habits, Parenting, Stress, Trauma, and Weight.

She is well-versed in traditional behavioral psychotherapy and DBT, but most closely affiliates with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT emphasizes that the struggles people encounter frequently result from an unwillingness to approach difficult emotions or thoughts. The resulting escape and avoidance prevents individuals from pursuing their core values and the life they really want. Dr. Ossman defines what it means to go the extra mile for patients.