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Men's Group

  • 194 Waterman Street, 3rd Floor, Providence, RI 02906 (map)


Where do men turn today to get help and support for their struggles with feelings, relationships, stress, and other problems? Studies suggest that a majority of men struggle in silence. They may be socially isolated, their marital and other relationship problems may result in an inability to talk things over, and a combination of fear and shame inhibit them from reaching out to others. This group will focus on a variety of men's issues including Fathers and Fatherhood; Sex and Sexuality; Money, Work, and Career; Integrity and Purpose; Health and Well-being; and Emotions and Communication, especially among the members within the group.


194 Waterman Street, 3rd Floor, Providence, RI 02906


Every Tuesday from 11:30 - 12:45. 


$140 per month (4 sessions per month).
Initial interview required ($130) to determine goals and suitability.
Please note: Participants cannot use their health insurance for this group.

Group Therapist

Corey Flanders, LMHC - Corey is a psychotherapist in private practice in Providence, RI. He also works at a hospital program for adults with acute psychiatric issues, from anxiety to depression to personality disorders. He is a husband and father who is dedicated to improving his communication and way of relating—to both his inner world and to the people in his life. Prior to becoming licensed as a therapist, Corey spent 20 years studying and practicing Buddhism and other contemplative traditions with a broad range of teachers in many different settings. He spent a few years as a novice monk and completed more than 400 days of cloistered, silent retreat practice focusing on the tantric and nondual teachings of the Dzogchen tradition. He was an initiated medium in the spiritist tradition of Umbanda for more than 6 years in the rainforests of Brazil and the concrete jungle of Manhattan. He now studies the nondual tantric yoga of Kashmir Shaivism. All these teachings and practices directly inform both his psychotherapy practice and way of living. 

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