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Mind Over Mood


This is a group for people who would like to learn skills to manage a variety of negative moods, including sadness and depression, anxiety and panic, anger and irritability, guilt, and shame. The group teaches members the cognitive behavioral therapy approach to mood management.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a well-researched approach that emphasizes connections between the situations in our lives, the way we filter and perceive those situations, and how our perceptions impact our feelings and behavior.

Using a workbook called "Mind Over Mood", the group helps individuals to examine and change their patterns of thinking and behaving. As individuals learn to challenge and restructure their thought patterns, and act more effectively in situations, they become much less vulnerable to negative moods and much better able to manage these moods when they do occur. The workshop also deals with underlying negative "core beliefs" that were often learned in childhood and that render individuals vulnerable to dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs in adulthood.


1130 Ten Rod Road, Suite E308, North Kingstown, RI 02852


Tuesdays at 6:30pm


Tuition: $60 per session.; insurance may reduce this amount.
Materials fee: $30

Group Therapist

Julie Pearson is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker at RICBT. Julie has worked with a great variety of adult and family mental health issues at every level of care (from outpatient to inpatient). She conducts a popular and longstanding group at RICBT (Managing Your Mood with Cognitive Therapy), which teaches patients the cognitive therapy approach to managing anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, and shame.