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Pelvic Pain Support Group


The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health will be offering a 12-week therapy group for women who experience pelvic pain, called We Thrive.

The group will be co-facilitated by a licensed mental health counselor and an AASECT certified sex therapist: Laurie Thornton, LMHC and Kimberly Jackson, LICSW, CST. Sessions will integrate mindfulness, DBT skills, and sexual health education.  


10 Davol Square
Providence, RI 02903

Dates and times

Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. from March 20th to June 5th


This is a closed group, and we ask that anyone interested in participating fill out an interest form so that one of the facilitators can reach out and orient them to the group. 

Group Therapists

Kimberly Jackson, LICSW, CST (Zencare profile coming soon!) and Laurie Thornton, LMHC

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