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Women’s Support Group


This is a small group of up to 5 women (plus me!) and topics will vary depending on the needs of the Group. The focus of the Group is to support each other in developing increased self awareness, improved self care, and communication skills. As each member of the Group begins to express their unique perspective within the Group, new ideas and increased self awareness is encouraged.

Group process is very interesting and challenging in that our regularly practiced communication patterns are expressed in a supportive environment; providing us with the opportunity to choose to practice new ways of interacting with others.

This is a confidential Group, which means that we all make a commitment to hold each other’s words and actions secure.  We will learn and practice healthy ways to express residual thoughts and feelings outside of Group in order to keep Confidentiality.  
This is a safe space.

My job is to encourage participation, to help to clarify the language of self expression, and to model self aware participation to the best of my ability.  

Our first Group topic will be "Confidentiality, Safety, and Sharing: What it Means to Us". 


189 Governor St, Suite 101, Providence, RI 02906


Tuesdays 5:00pm-6:15pm, January 8th - 29th



Group Therapist

Kathleen Laroche is a counselor in Providence with a focus on anxiety, interpersonal concerns, self-esteem issues, mindfulness, trauma, and depression. She also sees couples for relationship issues and communication concerns. She received her MA in holistic counseling from Salve Regina University. Kathleen's goal in is to co-create the therapy experience with her clients so that therapy is highly personalized and individualized. She helps individuals manage their symptoms through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, and breathing techniques, while identifying what may be causing their current challenges, such as past traumatic memories.

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