• Dr. Ben Johnson

    Dr. Ben Johnson

    Practice Director
  • Judy Johnson

    Judy Johnson

    Practice Manager
  • Julie Pearson, LICSW

    Julie Pearson, LICSW

  • Deirdre Murphy, LICSW

    Deirdre Murphy, LICSW

  • Patricia Engler, PhD

    Patricia Engler, PhD

  • Selene MacKinnon, PsyD

    Selene MacKinnon, PsyD

  • Heather Schatten, PhD

    Heather Schatten, PhD

What is RICBT?

RICBT is a psychotherapy and coaching practice with locations in East Providence, North Kingstown, and Barrington RI.

RICBT therapists are dedicated to helping clients develop a toolbox of strategies that will foster positive change and progress towards life goals.

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RICBT takes a team approach to tackle difficult emotional, behavioral, and mental challenges. Therapists have a wide range of specializations, including: ADHD, anger, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, grief, pain, relationships, sleep, smoking, and weight.

What services does RICBT offer?

RICBT offers a complete array of psychological services to ensure coordinated care.

In addition to individual, couples, and family therapy, RICBT offers medication management and a wide array of therapy groups, workshops, and targeted programs.

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Therapy groups and workshops complement skills learned in individual therapy and offer a blend of support and strategy-building. Group offerings change frequently, and typically include: DBT skills, weight loss and wellness, organization and procrastination skills, and young adult support.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a therapeutic approach focused on recognizing, analyzing, and changing thoughts and behaviors through a structured approach that teaches new skills.

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CBT is a good fit for individuals who are looking for a shorter term approach, focused on current problems and practical solutions. Therapists may give assignments to work on outside of session, in order to help overcome specific habits or thought patterns.

What makes RICBT unique?

The entire team is determined to make RICBT a uniquely positive and understanding community. Clinicians accept members from diverse communities and work hard to collaboratively explore cultural and individual differences. Administrative staff go the extra mile to be welcoming and helpful.

RICBT's mission is to offer you incredible support and proven strategies to help you feel better and live better.

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When you schedule a call with an RICBT Intake Coordinator, they will get a feel for the issues you are hoping to address, and make some recommendations for which clinicians or programs might be good first steps. They can also help you to understand the cost of being seen at RICBT and whether your health insurance will help. They will also serve as your ongoing practice representative, to ensure you benefit the most from your therapeutic experience at RICBT.

Dedication to clients extends outside of the office with the RICBT patient portal, which allows you to check your appointments, update your demographic or insurance information, and complete questionnaires to check your progress.

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