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Jonathan  Levin

Jonathan Levin

Online Sessions, NJ

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $80 - $140 per session

Do you feel every task, big or small, is impossible? Do you feel lonely and alone? Does anxiety or depression affect you in ways that feel overwhelming? These feelings can affect your relationships, your sleep, your job or school performance, or all of the above. This often leads to one feeling unmotivated and sad, or angry and explosive.

I want to help you if you are feeling this way. It is important to learn about yourself, what is causing these feelings, and to know that there are solutions and supports in place. It is then, that one can begin to heal, return to being productive and happy, and living a better life. I am here to help you in this journey.

Elisabeth  Coffey

Elisabeth Coffey

Online Sessions, NJ

Florham Park, NJ, 07932

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $150 per session

My goal is to provide an environment that makes you feel safe and enables you to express yourself openly about anything that you need to talk about. It is so important to have at least one person in your life that you can talk to without being "on" or having to worry about what you say. I will strive to understand you and to help you understand yourself.
I am here to listen and support you through whatever you are going through and to work with you to see aspects of the situation that you may not be fully aware of. We will work on understanding your unique challenges and developing your hidden strengths. We all get stuck in patterns of behavior that could use some revision. We will work on your becoming conscious of the motivations behind your behaviors and determine healthier ways of meeting the needs that the behaviors are satisfying in the moment that get in the way of who you really are and what you truly want.

Malissa  Pansa-ad

Malissa Pansa-ad

Online Sessions, NJ

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $80 - $150 per session

Seeking therapy can be an intimidating and overwhelming process. From acknowledging that you would like more support to searching for the right therapist for you, it takes time, effort, and courage to face your challenges and risk vulnerability. That is why I aim to create a warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental space where you experience trust, safety, and comfort to bring your authentic self into the room. To be vulnerable and open as your true self without fear of judgment is to move towards freedom and expansion.

I especially enjoy working with BIPOC individuals, couples, and families to explore issues of race, sex, gender, culture, and other identity that may be impacting your relationships, work, or overall wellbeing. As a family and couple therapist, I believe problems reside between people and not within them. We will approach your challenges from a relational and systems perspective, putting into consideration the context, environments, and systems we all reside in. You are the center of your story and expert on your life. We will build upon and utilize your innate skills and strengths to better understand and work through your challenges.

Kathleen  Silver

Kathleen Silver

45 River Road, Summit, NJ, 07901

Online Sessions, NJ

Insurances: Aetna
Waitlist available in-person & online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $100 - $150 per session

I believe we are all made for connection... connection with others and connection with ourselves. Life brings so many changes and transitions, some of which can leave us feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, and uncertain about how to make things better.

I strive to create a safe and comfortable space where you feel heard and understood. My style is warm, compassionate and non-judgmental. I listen attentively and work collaboratively with my clients, seeking to understand their experiences and tailor therapy to their unique needs and goals.

I have always been deeply curious about people, their struggles, and how to help them feel more grounded, fulfilled, and engaged in their lives. I welcome the opportunity to meet you and explore this process with you.

Lauren  Gerardi

Lauren Gerardi

4400 U.S. 9, Freehold, NJ, 07728

Online Sessions, NJ

Insurances: Medicare
Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $125 - $175 per session

As a psychologist I have worked with people experiencing all types of emotional pain and I am amazed every day at the resilience I have seen. I focus on building a strong bond with my clients, and on building insight and self-awareness. I incorporate mindfulness, CBT, DBT and coping skills into my work and I try to help my clients feel calm and grounded. I have a wide range of experience and can work well with most issues, such as depression, anxiety, grief/loss, parenting issues, and trauma and abuse, and I work with individuals of all ages, from children to adults.  I have heard many sad stories so there is never a need to feel ashamed or afraid when you are communicating with me.

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