Therapists Specializing in Body Dysmorphia in New York

It’s common to occasionally feel concerned about aspects of our appearance, regardless of age, sex, or gender identity. For some people, however, this worry is of the severity that calls for the diagnosis of “body dysmorphic disorder,” a mental health condition marked by a preoccupation with perceived defects in appearance and compulsive behaviors or routines that function as an attempt to help deal with the anxiety. For many people, body dysmorphia is distressing and interferes with relationships and daily life.

The trained therapists below can help with any type of concern about appearance that interferes with your wellbeing. The aim of therapy is to better understand body dysmorphia, develop more helpful appearance-related thoughts and beliefs, and reduce unhelpful compulsive behaviors. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with a component of exposure and response prevention (ERP) is one of the most common treatment approaches for body dysmorphia.

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Leah  Rubin

Leah Rubin

Online Sessions, NY

Flushing, NY, 11435

Accepting new clients in-person & online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $200 per session

As humans, we have seasons where we feel lost or in pain. I offer compassionate, evidence-based therapy. As a psychologist, I see my clients as partners in the process of healing. I respect the wisdom that you bring into the room, your understanding of yourself and your history-- and make room for the pieces of yourself that you find difficult to understand. I aim to build on this insight and to utilize my expertise to help you live a vibrant life.

My approach is present-focused, active and tailored to your individual needs. I am anchored in the third wave CBT tradition and utilize exposure therapy when appropriate as well as mindfulness and values-based work to build meaning and reduce suffering. It has been humbling to be a part of my clients' journeys as they break out of crippling patterns and open up possibilities in their lives that before seemed impossible. Above all, I work to create an environment where you can feel connected to me and to the work we are doing together.

Jonathan  Schnapp

Jonathan Schnapp

240 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, 10016

Online Sessions, NY

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $150 - $250 per session

Reaching out for help can be hard. I do my best to create a safe and nonjudgmental space, to enable you to share whatever you need to, whenever you are ready to. Together we can explore your inner world, in order to help you be your best self.

Terri  Bacow

Terri Bacow

140 West 79th Street, New York, NY, 10024

Online Sessions, NY

Accepting new clients in-person & online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $325 per session

If life were easy, we wouldn't need coping skills. I am a proponent of teaching coping skills and self-compassion, because ups and downs are inevitable and it is useful to have someone guide you through it using strategies that are evidence based. I specialize in anxiety and stress management and enjoy working with clients who are experiencing tough moments or going through life transitions. I enjoy using humor in my work and consider myself someone who is very relatable. I am a person who is genuine, transparent and kind; my goal is to help you and to teach you effective skills that will make your life easier and more manageable and bring forth noticeable change.

You can best contact me using this portal. Please feel free to check out my Instagram to get a feel for my work. I look forward to chatting with you and meeting you soon!

Anna  Hindell

Anna Hindell

Online Sessions, NY

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $185 - $200 per session

I'm a Gestalt therapist with a private practice in New York City, and a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. Living in Manhattan is high stress and demanding. Whatever your responsibilities are, it is easy to become detached from your wants and needs. Integrating the body-mind connection into therapy helps my clients get back in touch with their feelings.

In our work together, we explore what's going on in your body as well as your mind. Physical sensations are often a clue to what’s happening emotionally. This holistic approach to therapy helps you discover new ways to cope with feelings and find relief from old emotional patterns.

Katrine  Philippides

Katrine Philippides

Online Sessions, NY

Insurances: United Healthcare, FIT Student Health Insurance (United Healthcare), Oscar Health, Oxford Health Plans, United Healthcare Student Health Plan, New School Student Insurance (United Healthcare Student Resources)
Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $100 - $150 per session

Life is difficult, and it is important to take care of yourself. Being here means you are considering taking a step towards self-empowerment, and making that decision is in itself a first step. While you may fear judgement from others, be the most critical judge of yourself, or feel stuck and unable to find a balance in your life, I’m here to say that it does not always have to be this way. It is possible for you to access the strength within you and put yourself first! I will guide you through this process of self-exploration.

Whatever the everyday life challenges you are facing may be, I am here to help you work through them. I believe in a person-centered approach in which we tackle your holistic wellbeing with honesty and at a pace that feels comfortable to you. Working together will enable you to feel more in control of your life.

I consider therapy to be the kindest gift you can offer yourself. If you think you’re ready to take the next step towards a positive change, schedule a 15 minute free consultation to find out if we are a good fit.

Tazin  Banu

Tazin Banu

Online Sessions, NY

303 5th Avenue, New York, NY, 10016

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $80 - $130 per session

Taking care of yourself can be difficult, especially now during a global pandemic. You might have experienced financial hardship, changes in employment, strained relationships with family members or partners, a sense of confusion/helplessness, or painful loss. If you find yourself feeling isolated, depressed, or overwhelmed by stress, you are not alone.

Whether it be exploring past traumas, discussing challenges with self-esteem, or addressing concerns related to identity, therapy can be a tool that empowers you to live a more fulfilled life.

I hope to support you by building on your strengths, helping you make sense of your life experiences, and creating greater healing for your mind and heart.

Joanna  Rosenblatt

Joanna Rosenblatt

144 East 44th Street, New York, NY, 10017

Online Sessions, NY

Insurances: Wellfleet Student (formerly Consolidated Health Plans), NYU Student Health Insurance (Wellfleet / Cigna PPO)
Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $225 per session

I believe my role as a therapist is to facilitate a supportive, compassionate, and collaborative environment which empowers you to make wanted changes in your life. I have training in various therapeutic approaches which allows me to best meet the needs of the people I work with. You will find that I am an active, open, and holistic therapist who will offer a flexible approach. I offer a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space for you to gain clarity and compassion towards yourself and others.

Matt  Wofsy

Matt Wofsy

41 Union Square West, New York, NY, 10003

Online Sessions, NY

Insurances: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Wellfleet Student (formerly Consolidated Health Plans), Cigna, NYU Student Health Insurance (Wellfleet / Cigna PPO), Aetna Student Health Insurance, Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan (Aetna)
Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $150 per session

It is my experience that all people have the capacity to face challenges and transform the way they respond to difficult thoughts and feelings. I work collaboratively with people to foster strengths and to develop the tools to move ahead in their lives in a meaningful way.

Ruschelle  Khanna

Ruschelle Khanna

115 Broadway, New York, NY, 10006

Online Sessions, NY

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $250 per session

The relationship between you and your therapist is the most important indicator of success. Contact me today to see if we are a good fit.

Leon  Garber

Leon Garber

120 West 31st Street, New York, NY, 10001

Online Sessions, NY

Insurances: Cigna, Humana, NYU Student Health Insurance (Wellfleet / Cigna PPO), United Healthcare, FIT Student Health Insurance (United Healthcare), Oscar Health, Oxford Health Plans, New School Student Insurance (United Healthcare Student Resources)
Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $100 - $150 per session

The foundation of my practice consists of helping my clients become rational and responsible actors in their lives. In the service of these ultimate ends, I teach them how to become better analytical thinkers, working together on fostering healthy conceptions of themselves, others, and their circumstances, thus providing the tools required for emotional regulation and living a healthy and fulfilling life. Additionally, we work together on understanding the sources of and reducing unhealthy behaviors. This approach is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

In addition to CBT, I help my clients cope with pervasive existential issues, which are the sometimes paralyzing, often redirected, but persistently present psychological and emotional effects of the ultimate givens of the totality of existence: death, meaning, isolation, and freedom (the groundlessness of life and its consequential need to build life's most inspiring and beautiful creation -- the self). Our main goals for treatment consist of working to reduce the harmful affects of these ever-present truths by creating individualized core values, fulfilling relationships, increased confidence in decision-making, and one's own existential blueprint; thus, meaning for one's life.

My final area of focus is psychological trauma and narcissistic abuse. I help my clients explore and alter the effects of emotional trauma, providing them with a safe environment in which to work through the suffocating feelings and burdensome beliefs in order to regain their lives.

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