Thank you for your kind messages!

I just wanted to say thank you! Finding a therapist in a new area is super stressful and it can be really difficult to get a feel for both the facilities themselves and the therapist and Zencare was such a great resource. Having the ability to watch videos of not only the doctor but their offices as well was so so so helpful in narrowing down and choosing what I felt was going to be right for me. Also, the ability to make appointments without having to get on the phone was such a relief as well, especially while feeling anxious.

So basically, just, thank you. This is a great service, and a great relief.
— Brown University undergraduate student (2016)
First, thank you so much for creating this site. This is my third time in therapy. The first time was successful to a degree because it was set up through my primary physician’s office. More recently, I tried to find a therapist through my insurer’s site and it was a terrible experience. We didn’t match well at all in terms of our personalities, using my insurance was difficult even though I found her through their website, and it was just an uncomfortable experience overall.

I recently decided to go back to therapy and found Zencare through Facebook. I liked that I could search by the type of therapist, location and whether they accepted my insurance. I loved being able to watch videos to find someone who I felt I could connect with and who would be able to help me.

I would definitely recommend Zencare to others. It’s such a great service!
— Anonymous client (2017)
My phone consultation was excellent! I have recommended Zencare to multiple friends.

For me, once I used the insurance + accepting new clients filters, I found just watching every testimony most helpful. There’s a human thing in seeing a face and hearing a voice and knowing whether or not you an talk to them.

Again, thank you so much for your help!
— Anonymous client (2016)
I was very pleased with the ability to talk with Roberta prior to making our appointment — everything went smoothly. I think your website is great. Thanks!
— Parent (2016)
Zencare is an amazing website that made the process of finding a therapist near campus so much easier for me. Without them, I would have been overwhelmed, but with their website I was able to filter and find the best match. Also, when there was a slight scheduling glitch in setting up an initial phone call, Zencare’s concierge team helped me immediately, even though the glitch wasn’t whatsoever their fault! They replied to each of my emails within a few minutes and just have amazing customer service all around.
— Brown University undergraduate student (2016)
Our phone consultation went well, and we set up an appointment for today (that I just returned home from actually). I wish there had been a service like this when I searched for therapists in the past, this made things much easier! Thanks!
— Anonymous client (2016)
Thank you for this fantastic service. I have a face to face appointment scheduled for next week.

Thanks again!
— Anonymous client (2017)
My phone consultation all those weeks ago was great — Zencare has worked out wonderfully for me and I’ve been telling so many of my fellow grad students about it! Thanks!
— Grad student (2016)
I had a very good experience with Zencare, and found it a helpful tool!
— Brown student (2016)
This is the first time I have sought out to find a therapist. In the past I have tried, but never took action. Zencare made it easy and inviting. Sally is amazing and her tips on anxiety management have really improved my quality of life and day to day interactions. I am so glad Zencare exists and I hope it becomes a nationwide/worldwide platform.
— Brown student (2017)
The phone consultation went super well! It was a great conversation and we have an appointment moving forward.

Thanks so much.
— Brown student (2016)
Zencare is so wonderful! I love that there are pictures of the actual offices on each therapists website, and the concierge team is super friendly and helpful. I think this is such a great concept. Website is easy to use and access, and it takes a lot of the stress out of finding a therapist, which is already stigmatized by “society.”
— RISD student '17 (2016)
I had truly been putting off the search of finding a new therapist. It can be very time consuming and then once your find someone, get on the schedule you may find out they are not the right person for you.

Zencare’s website and being able to watch video introductions from therapist was exactly what I was looking for. I could research on my own time table and engage when ready.

I had my first session last week and it was very moving and powerful. I felt like I already knew my therapist’s style and what to expect thanks to Zencare. I am excited for our next session.
— Branding professional (2017)
My life has been personally touched by the simple design behind Zencare and its focus on lessening the burden on the person seeking therapy. I cannot tell you enough how thankful I am that Zencare came into being — it has truly had a great, positive impact on my life.
— Brown University undergraduate student '17 (2016)
Dear Zencare,

I feel taken care of already, before even meeting with the therapist, due to your excellent services.

Your suggestion helped me present what I’d really like to address, and I liked her responses.
— Anonymous client (2016)
I had been looking for an off-campus therapist all summer, but the list of providers that my insurance company sent me was outdated. It was extremely easy to find someone who takes my insurance on Zencare.
— Anonymous client (2015)
We love zencare, and we suggest it to all the students who ask for tips about finding off-campus therapists. Students are loving this approach, they find it so helpful.
— Brown University student mental health group leader (2017)
My phone consultation with [name removed] was great! He immediately identified my needs and challenges and expressed how he could help. His energy was great and exactly what I needed at the moment. Zencare was suggested to me by a friend and I am glad that I took this step to try it out and found [name removed]. I have a follow-up appointment setup and, to be honest, this next step is providing me hope in a time that is tremendously difficult for me.
— Anonymous client (2017)
When you go through therapy, it feels a lot worse before it starts to feel better. You have to be vulnerable, open, honest but more so open to being vulnerable with a complete stranger. It can feel exhausting. It is, exhausting.

Where do you start? It requires trust, hard work and dedication. It can take a long time to get through the history, the history of you. It can take a while to build trust, to be open with yourself and this new person. That’s why so many people avoid it all together. How do you know you aren’t wasting your time? How do you know if you picked the right person to help you?

The relationship between a patient and a therapist is just as important as the work.

Zencare helps you have better odds at finding the right fit, for you. There is so much information at your fingertips that it allows you to make a more informed decision. It helps you feel confident about your choice and it helps you navigate if you’re not exactly sure what you are looking for. Asking for help is hard. Zencare makes it easier. I am so grateful for what you have created, everyone needs a little help now and then asking for help.
— Graphic designer and business owner (2017)
I had a really good experience with Zencare! I like the website a lot. This provides a way to quicken getting to see a therapist and makes the whole process so much easier.
— Medical social worker (2016)
I was so overwhelmed and it was so helpful to see your video.
— Anonymous client (2016)
Really great service. I was able to speak to a therapist the same day I discovered the website, and I have an appointment scheduled with her next week. Things are really looking up for me, and I’m thankful for your role in that.
— Brown University undergraduate student (2015)
I was sitting down with a Freshman friend who mentioned that Zencare was the reason he was able to find a therapist in Providence. I mentioned that I knew you and he asked me to pass on some anonymous thanks from him.
— Brown student (2016)