TheraNest: Review, Features, and FAQs

Review, Features, and FAQs

by the Zencare Team

Considering TheraNest as a billing and practice management tool for your practice? Weighing the pros and cons – and comparing the costs and features – of different platforms can be overwhelming.

At the end of the day, deciding which tool is right for your practice boils down to your client load, preferences, and budget. We put together this comprehensive guide to TheraNest so you can assess whether it’s right for you. Once you’ve gotten a good overview, learn what other therapists prefer, too!

1. What is TheraNest?

2. What does a TheraNest plan include?

3. How much does TheraNest cost?

4. Is TheraNest HIPAA-compliant?

5. Where is the TheraNest login?

6. Does TheraNest have a free trial?

7. TheraNest reviews from the Zencare community

Image courtesy of TheraNest

Image courtesy of TheraNest

What is TheraNest?

TheraNest is a therapy practice management software with a dedicated client portal. It is designed for practitioners including social workers, psychologists, and counselors, and it features support around billing, notes, scheduling, and more.

What does a Theranest plan include?

Plans with TheraNest include a number of distinct features. All plans include the same features; cost changes based on billing frequency and the number of clients you’re managing, rather than the features you’re accessing.

TheraNest’s central features are:


TheraNest gives you unlimited access to note templates, including options for intakes, progress notes, initial assessments, treatment plans, and discharge summaries.

  • Note templates are suitable for both individual and group notes.

  • Templates also include the option of selecting DSM-5 treatment codes.

  • Notes can be reviewed and co-signed within the software, which can be a helpful option for employee supervision and intern programs within your practice.

Billing & Invoicing

TheraNest provides multiple options for billing both individuals and insurance.

  • You can create invoices for both printing and email.

  • Batch invoicing and statements are also available.

  • You can accept credit card payments without merchant account fees, and rates are the same for all types of credit cards.

  • A detailed client ledger tracks credits, balances, and other info for all your clients.



Scheduling through TheraNest can help you manage the logistics of all the sessions occurring in your practice, whether single sessions or recurring appointments.

  • TheraNest schedules can sync with Google Calendar or Apple iCal.

  • Schedule reports let you track attendance information for individual and group sessions.

  • You can also assign clients to specific rooms within your practice.

  • Includes the option of sending appointment reminders through TheraNest.

Client Portal

TheraNest includes a dedicated, secure client portal called TheraBook. Through TheraBook, your clients can independently manage all of the following, according to your settings:

  • Scheduling, including booking and cancellations.

  • Secure messaging to you or other practitioners within your practice.

  • Credit card payment information.

  • Demographic information entry and updates.

  • Insurance information entry and updates.


TheraNest offers the option of HIPAA-compliant telehealth appointments. The telehealth system includes the following features:

  • Access to case notes during telehealth sessions.

  • Optional screen-sharing.

  • Integration with your overall scheduling tools.

  • A unique link for each appointment, which means no logins for your clients to deal with.

  • Controls for audio and video components of sessions.

Image courtesy of TheraNest

Image courtesy of TheraNest

Practice Management

In addition to the above, TheraNest includes a number of additional practice management features.

  • Your plan provides unlimited document storage for your practice.

  • Optional reminders for each appointment. Email reminders are free, while phone-based reminders cost two cents per text and five cents per call.

  • An unlimited number of users can access your TheraNest account and features. This might include staff, therapists, interns, and billers.


TheraNest includes a number of options for creating and analyzing reports using your practice data.

  • Revenue reports give you tools for examining your revenue and spotting trends in what kinds of clients and sessions lead to greater financial returns.

  • Demographic reports let you view client distribution by options including gender, race, and marital status. This information can help you target your marketing efforts toward the demographics that your practice has the most experience working with.

  • Case reports include information about treatments, progress, and results, which can help you see which interventions are the most effective across your pool of clients.

  • You can also track referral sources to see which tend to result in the most referrals of new clients.

Mobile Features

  • TheraNest is compatible with iOS and Android.

  • Your plan also includes a Practice Management App that you and your staff can use to access information from anywhere.

Bonus Features

  • TheraNest can be integrated with Wiley Practice Planners as an add-on feature. 

How much does TheraNest cost?

TheraNest pricing depends on the size of your practice, and frequency of billing. Rates are as follows:  

  • For up to 30 active clients: $38 per month, billed monthly; $380 per year, billed annually

  • For up to 40 active clients: $48 per month, billed monthly; $480 per year, billed annually

  • For up to 50 active clients: $58 per month, billed monthly; $580 per year, billed annually

  • For up to 80 active clients: $88 per month, billed monthly; $880 per year, billed annually

  • For up to 100 active clients: $108 per month, billed monthly; $1080 per year, billed annually

  • For up to 130 active clients: $138 per month, billed monthly; $1380 per year, billed annually

  • For up to 150 active clients: $158 per month, billed monthly; $1580 per year, billed annually

  • For more than 150 active clients: TheraNest determines pricing on a case-by-case basis.

Is TheraNest HIPAA-compliant?

Yes, TheraNest is HIPAA-compliant. All data is encrypted and stored securely using Amazon Web Services.

Where is the Theranest login?

You can find the TheraNest login at

Does Theranest offer a free trial?

Yes, TheraNest offers a free 21-day trial that includes instant access to all features.

Theranest reviews from the Zencare community

“I have been using TheraNest for about two years. I'm really happy with it. They just added a tele-health component, which is super useful.

I'm an art therapist and there is a portion that I can scan documents into so I can scan client artwork, as well as their intake paperwork. I'm private pay but you can bill insurance through the software if needed.” - Stephanie Saklad, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in New York City

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