TherapyNotes: Review, Features, and FAQs

Review, Features, and FAQs

by the Zencare Team

Considering TherapyNotes for your practice? Or maybe you’re not 100% sure if it’s the best fit for your practice, but you’re getting a headache just trying to compare costs and features between the different platforms. Or maybe you can’t decide between SimplePractice versus TherapyNotes.

Deciding which billing and software tool is right for your practice takes time and careful consideration – which is why we put together a comprehensive guide to TherapyNotes. Once you’ve gotten a good overview, learn what other therapists prefer, too!

This guide has been reviewed and confirmed by TherapyNotes as of January 2019.

1. What is TherapyNotes?

2. What does a TherapyNotes plan include?

3. How much does TherapyNotes cost?

4. Does TherapyNotes offer coverage?

5. Does TherapyNotes offer tele-health?

6. Is TherapyNotes HIPAA-compliant?

7. Where is the TherapyNotes login portal?

8. Is there a TherapyNotes free trial?

9. TherapyNotes Reviews and feedback from the Zencare community


What is TherapyNotes?

TherapyNotes is a therapy practice management software with a dedicated client portal. It is designed for behavioral health professionals and includes features including documentation, scheduling, and billing.

What does a TherapyNotes plan include?

All TherapyNotes plans include the same basic features; cost depends on how many clinicians are using your plan. Some features come with an additional cost on top of your baseline plan. Additional fees are noted below, and you can also access an overview of pricing and fees here.


TherapyNotes gives you several resources for creating and managing session notes and other documentation.

  • Types of available records include intake paperwork, notes, insurance cards, and client homework.

  • All documents stored in central document library for easy access.

  • You can download notes and files directly from TherapyNotes.

  • Notes feature searchable DSM-5 diagnostic codes.

Image courtesy of TherapyNotes

Image courtesy of TherapyNotes

Billing & Invoicing

TherapyNotes can help you process billing and payments with both clients and insurers.

  • Credit card processing and secure storage of payment information help you collect payments from clients. (Additional fee applies)

  • You can also submit insurance claims electronically and enroll for ERAs within TherapyNotes to post payments quickly. (Additional fee applies)

  • Manage your claims online, including status checks, rejections, and resubmissions.

  • TherapyNotes works with Change Healthcare, meaning claims submission is all built-in (no need to submit outside of the system).


TherapyNotes includes online scheduling management for you and your clients.

  • Clients can book appointments online.

  • The scheduling tool can sync with mobile use for easy access anytime.

  • You can automate client appointment reminders via text, phone, or email. (Additional fee of $0.14 for text/phone; email reminders are free.)

  • TherapyNotes also offers a personal to-do list function.

Image courtesy of TherapyNotes

Image courtesy of TherapyNotes

Client Portal

TherapyNotes provides a secure, dedicated online portal for both you and your clients.

  • You and your clients can both manage online scheduling through the portal, including confirming and denying appointment requests.

  • Send documents securely and request signatures when necessary.

  • You can customize your portal with your own branding and welcome message.

  • You can place a link to your portal on your own website by copying and pasting your portal’s URL address.

How much does TherapyNotes cost?

Pricing for TherapyNotes plans for private practices vary according to how many clinicians are using the plan:

  • $49 per month for the Solo plan (one user)

  • $59 per month for the Group plan (includes one additional user; further users cost $30 per additional clinician or $20 per intern; no additional fee for non-clinical staff)

  • $59 per month for the Enterprise plan (for practices with 30+ users; costs are the same as the Group plan; comes with the support of a designated account manager)

Lower rates are also available for non-profit and volunteer agencies, as well as educational institutions and mental health training clinics. You can find a full overview of these plans here.

For all plans, additional fees apply for the following:

  • Electronic claims and ERA

  • Text or phone appointment reminders

  • Credit card processing

  • Medical billing services

Does TherapyNotes offer coverage?

TherapyNotes offers RTE (Real Time Eligibility), which is currently in beta testing. At the time of writing (January 2019), RTE is expected to go live within the next few months.

Does TherapyNotes offer tele-health?

No, TherapyNotes does not currently offer tele-health as part of its platform.

Is TherapyNotes HIPAA-compliant?

Yes, TherapyNotes is HIPAA‑compliant. You can find more about the privacy and security measure that TherapyNotes uses here.

Where is the TherapyNotes login?

You can find the TherapyNotes portal at

Is there a TherapyNotes free trial?

Yes, TherapyNotes offers a 30-day free trial.

TherapyNotes reviews and feedback from the Zencare community:

“I have used Therapy Notes for over one year and have been very pleased with both its functionality and user friendliness.

One positive about Therapy Notes is that they have amazing telephone customer service which is useful for both when you’re learning how to set up as well when problems arise.” - Jamie Bloom, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Brooklyn, New York

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