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Zencare increases my value in the community because it highlights only select, talented clinicians. It enables me to work with people who make permanent change in their lives.
Zencare has been a wonderful source of referrals. Every client I have received has been motivated and interesting. They are more invested in who they are seeing because they have the ability to navigate the system; they have a choice with Zencare.
I will go through phases where the practice is full and I cannot currently accept clients but I maintain my Zencare membership for a number of reasons. My patients improve and move on, opening more space for me to receive wonderful individuals who want to get better. As they move on, I continue to shape my practice into one that works with inspiring, young people navigating through challenges, who respond, making permanent change in their lives.

On other therapist websites, we are lost in hundreds, vying for patients. Clients have no confidence when searching that you might be a better choice over another profile. Because Zencare’s website is beautiful, the clinicians are vetted, and it highlights only select, incredibly talented therapists and MDs, it increases my value in the community. The technical support is incredible and I find that I can shape my practice as new patients enter into a fulfilling, successful office. The monthly fee is minimal compared to my ability to choose my patients and their potential to improve.

Burnout can cost your practice, your happiness and your own mental health. A website like Zencare allows you to cultivate your ideal practice bringing that original inspiration that drew you to this career.
I really like you guys, the profiles look great. So much better than Psychology Today.
The event the other night was fantastic and it was so great to meet the people I refer to and talk with them about their passions. People were talking everywhere about Zencare and what it is and its brilliant concept and platform. I told them I know in my heart this will be a national effort eventually that has been missing and your inspiration will be landscape changing for psychology. So be proud. You are going to change the world.

I truly believe in your cause, what you are doing, and know how you are working your ass off. So thank you.
I really am thankful for all that the Zencare team does for us and for the patients.
The amount of effort you are putting into developing and nurturing Zencare is pretty remarkable! Not only are you helping individuals find therapists; you are helping therapists get to know one another too!
It’s so inspiring to watch your passion for Zencare and your strategic eye for marketing is wonderful. Continue to believe in yourself and the snowball effect this will have as you diligently grow.
The profile looks absolutely beautiful. It’s so professional and fantastic. I just saw the video as well and it was really wonderful. Thank you for all of your work.
The event was really fun. I really like how Zencare has developed. It’s a fantastic resource.
What a fantastic service you are providing!
I’m very much loving Zencare.
I’ve absolutely recommended Zencare to all my colleagues because it feeds a good, solid base of clients who are engaged, want to get better, and really see the value in therapy.
I saw a marked increase in my income as I was doing taxes this year. I told my tax accountant my secret tool is Zencare!
Zencare is a boon to any therapist lucky enough to be invited. Because it is so incredibly user-friendly, Zencare is a huge asset to any clinical practice; referrals are easily increased.
I’ve been super busy since joining Zencare, which is great! Zencare clients have followed through on their first intake appointment and continued with therapy. Clients say it’s great to see what the therapist is like and that the site is easy to navigate.
Zencare.co is an amazing site that offers a service that we appreciate and believe in. The way in which you have created a platform to help people make better informed health care decisions falls in line with our fundamental beliefs as a practice.
I am just beyond thrilled with you, your work, and your professionalism.
The gathering was really great. It’s so wonderful that you are building community and helping to foster these relationships! Thank you!
I’m really happy (and proud) to be a part of the Zencare community!
With Zencare, I’ve seen my practice flourish – both by enriching my caseload with psychologically-minded and motivated university students; and by significantly growing my business.
Your website has really helped to increase my caseload activity and I enjoy so much working with the Brown students that this has been a real windfall for me in all respects. I am going to take an overseas trip this summer thanks to the change in my business in the last year. So, thank you for the opportunity to be of service to a wonderful community of students!
What you are doing is really great, and WAY overdue. Thank you so much for your commitment to helping others get, and remain well. If there were a bit more of this in society, our world would be a much different place! So again, thank you!
I love that you are so attentive to us and the service you provide. Thanks again!!
I just want you to know the service you’re offering is filling a much needed gap and it’s great, so congratulations and keep up the good work.
The event was wonderful. Thank you so much for it.
The website is incredible! I already forwarded it over to my friend and I’m sure I’ll recommend it to others as well.
This is a great thing that you are doing.
You are worth it.

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