Recommended talk therapists in New York

The following are psychiatrists, psychologists, and talk therapists recommended to the Zencare team by our friends, providers, and users. We've linked their practice websites where we could find them.

Please note we have not conducted background or license checks on these providers or interviewed them the way we do with Zencare providers.

  • Laurie Stevens, MD - "I saw her for depression. She was great with dealing with being in a new city, dealing with family issues, and handling a breakup." - Harvard law alum
  • Vanessa Sinclair, PsyD - "I've seen a lot of therapists, but it was with Vanessa that I made some of my biggest breakthroughs." - Yale alum
  • Marjorie Silverman - "She helped me hugely through out a very tough time of of my life."
  • Dr. Naftali Reich
  • Alicia Hirsch, PsyD
  • Larry Zelnick, PhD

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