Adult Adoptee Therapy Group


Do you feel stuck or confused around identity, relationships, search and reunion, or working through trauma?

This weekly interpersonal therapy group for adult adoptees will deal with participants’ here and now situation and current life challenges with a special focus on identity and building healthy relationships, and addressing trauma, loss, rejection, connection and disconnection, and other major themes of adoption as they emerge in the group. In addition to talking, we will pay attention to body process, feeling ourselves in the room and in relation to each other, to see how that informs and opens up pathways to non-verbal experience and expression. 

My groups run for a full 6 months to create the safety and solidity needed to explore deeply.

This group combines support with therapy and can be an addition to your individual therapy, or can be your therapy. I start with a free consultation, if you are interested in exploring whether this group might help you in your journey!

Please note that this is a completely virtual group that meets via Zoom.

Group Therapist

Jennifer Griesbach is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York City who helps clients navigate life transitions, loss, depression, anxiety, and trauma, including early trauma. A seasoned relationship counselor, in addition to her work with individual adults, Jennifer also welcomes couples to her practice.
Clients who visit Jennifer may be looking to deepen their self-awareness, or improve their relationship with their partner or their friends and family. Others are concerned about distressing thoughts, memories, or nightmares, and the potentially harmful coping mechanisms they’re employing to mute them. She is committed to guiding clients from all walks of life through exploring how past experiences have shaped their present narrative. Uniquely, Jennifer also has expertise in working with adult adoptees, providing support and guidance as they navigate identity formation, relationship challenges, and healing from difficult early experiences. She also runs a support group for adopted adults and young adults.

Jennifer’s approach is somatic in nature, designed to help clients deepen their mind-body connection. Her gentle blend of meditative awareness, grounding practices, and Gestalt therapy empowers clients to heal in the present in order to move beyond painful pasts at a safe, comfortable pace. Her practice is located in Midtown Manhattan, close to most subway lines and a short walk from Penn Station, the PATH train, and Grand Central station.

Jennifer Griesbach

Jennifer Griesbach is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Midtown Manhattan providing tailored support for early childhood trauma and loss, anxiety, and depression. She also offers couples counseling, and has a special interest in infant-parent therapy, helping new parents adjust to parenthood and develop a stronger, healthier bond with their baby and their partner.

Mondays 7:30-9:00pm via ZOOM

New York (Online)

$80/group (some participants may be able to use their insurance benefits)