Managing Return to Work Anxiety


This is a four-week workshop focused on

understanding anxiety in the context of COVID-19

pandemic. In particular, this workshop will cover

return to work anxiety and will offer participants

practical tools to manage this anxiety and fear.

This workshop is open to any individual over the

age of 18 who wants to learn more about their

own anxiety and ways to manage it.

Week 1: Setting the Stage: COVID-19 and Collective Anxiety

Week 2: Overview of Common Anxiety Disorders and Symptoms

Week 3: Practical Skills to Manage Anxiety Part 1

Week 4: Practical Skills to Manage Anxiety Part 2

Group Therapist

Dr. Lira de la Rosa is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Manhattan and has expertise treating depression, anxiety, stress, substance use, and trauma. He works with adults who are trying to find balance in their professional and personal lives, clients who are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety due to work, and clients who are experiencing relationship concerns. Dr. Lira de la Rosa recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many people's lives and is here to support all his clients process the many changes brought upon by the pandemic.

At the beginning of the consultation, Dr. Lira de la Rosa will offer his recommendations to prospective clients and begin to identify the changes they want to make in their lives. He works with all his clients to help them feel more connected to themselves and to find relief from anxiety, stress, or depression. His extensive training and clinical experience allow him to draw from different treatment approaches to best serve his clients. He has worked at Columbia University, NYC H+H Hospitals, Private Practice, VA's, and Community Health Centers.

In addition to providing therapy, Dr. Lira has also served as an expert consultant for businesses and organizations and has provided presentations on effective leadership and management, mental health in the workplace, and on impostor syndrome. He has also conducted research on health disparities, racial and ethnic identity development, and on the mental health well-being of LGBTQ individuals and people of color.

At this time, Dr. Lira de la Rosa is offering virtual (tele-health) sessions and is taking new clients.

Ernesto Lira de la Rosa

Ernesto Lira de la Rosa is a therapist in New York, New York specializing in anxiety, depression, men's health, LGBTQIA, gender, and sexuality topics, panic attacks / panic disorder, and trauma.

Wednesdays 6:00 - 7:00 PM (EST)

New York (Online)

$55 per session