Powerful Empathic Women


Designed to help you learn the skills you need to move from burnout to balance + work smarter (instead of harder!) . . .

The Powerful Empathic Women group will help you set healthy boundaries between work + play, self + others, doing + being.

Powerful Empathic Women is a 12-month coaching program grounded in dialectical-behavioral therapy designed SPECIFICALLY for achievement-oriented professional women who are afraid to slow down (even thought they know they probably should)..

By the end, you will have the tools you need to feel HAPPIER, have more ENERGY, and live the raw + AUTHENTIC life you CRAVE. You'll know how to feel less anxiety and more joy . . . AND you won’t have to give up your business + your earning potential to do it!!!!

Women are asked to commit to joining the group for 1 year, to allow for ample time to learn and apply empowerment skills, received feedback from the facilitator, and participate in group coaching calls.

Virtual Group includes:

- a personal kickoff virtual meeting with group leader, where your career goals and struggles will be assessed

- weekly group coaching calls, Fridays at 10am EST

- a personalized online group, where women can meet and interact with fellow group members

- access to coach for feedback as-needed in real-time scenarios, where scheduling allows

About the facilitator:

Nikolai Blinow is a licensed mental health counselor, with training in Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Yoga. Before becoming a therapist, Nikolai earned her degree in public relations and worked in Institutional Advancement in an office of approximately 200 people. In her therapy practice, she often treats high-achieving professionals who struggle with burnout, anxiety, and depression as a result of overworking, poor boundaries, and perfectionism. Powerful Empathic Women gives Empathic + Highly Sensitive Women the tools that they need to thrive in their careers, without sacrificing their physical and mental health along the way, and while still making an impact in the world.

Group Therapist

Nikolai Blinow is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and founder of OMpowerment Psychotherapy, a space for practical, real-life mindfulness and intentional living. She uses her training in interpersonal communications, mental health counseling, yoga, motivational interviewing, and dialectical behavioral therapy to create a truly integrative and collaborative style focused on getting you out of your own way.

Nikolai's clients tend to be driven, empathic, and highly-sensitive professionals, who catch themselves in patterns of giving 150% and then feeling overwhelmed, burnt-out, and anxious. People who enjoy working with Nikolai don't just want to talk about their problems . . . they want accountability and a game-plan for overcoming them. At the same time, clients who enlist Nikolai know that slowing down is also required, and are seeking a therapist who can help them strike the balance between peacefulness and productivity.

Nikolai finds that she works best with clients who are eager to receive feedback and want to be "compassionately called out." If you want to come to therapy once a week just to vent, then her space probably isn't for you! At Nikolai's practice, clients are constantly finding the "sweet spot" between self-acceptance and personal growth.

Nikolai also provides career + life coaching for Empathic Entrepreneurs and Highly Sensitive Women in Business, who find themselves feeling undervalued, overworked, and/or underpaid in their professions. With Coaching, she helps clients tap-into and protect their unique gifts, so that they can be changemakers in the world without sacrificing their souls in the process!

Note: Nikolai has a therapy dog in-training named Karma, pictured above, who is present in the office during in-person sessions, which take place on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you experience allergies or aversion to dogs, you may want to consider this before scheduling a consultation.

Nikolai Blinow

Nikolai Blinow is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Cranston, RI specializing in stress, anxiety, and depression through integrative, holistic, and creative psychotherapy. She sees teenagers, young adults, college and graduate students, and adults.

Fridays @ 10am EST, virtually

Rhode Island (Online)

$4,000 for 1 year or $375/month