Your Brain on Food


Do you know which foods are healthy but find yourself gravitating towards the unhealthy choices day after day?

Do you see food as a friend, enemy, comfort or excuse?

Do you feel like you are slowly gaining weight despite exercising and eating well?

Have your habits changed with the stress of the pandemic and you are finding it hard to get under control?

Join us for 8 weeks of nutrition and lifestyle content taught in a way to drive long term behavioral change. The brain and the gut are connected, literally, and the health of one drastically affects the other. What we eat and how we eat it greatly impacts our physical and mental well-being. At the same time, how we think, react, and feel can get in the way of making successful, sustained, nutritional changes. This program will focus on both nutrition and behavioral health. By putting these things together, we feel we can truly offer a program that will be life changing. You will benefit from the support and motivation of the group while feeling the individual attention from two expert coaches.

This Program will help you:

- Optimize health, wellness, performance, and personal growth

- Create a lifestyle around healthy eating with no more dieting

- Create a healthy and sustainable relationship with food and your body

- Move from a place of functioning and existence to thriving and growth

- Reach high-level, targeted goals and achieve desired change

- Chart the path and keep you accountable

- Overcome obstacles on your way to success

What’s included:

- Topics introduced each week (goal setting, exploring your relationship with food, discovering triggers for stress eating or overeating, exploring the role of sleep, food journaling, how to manage stress and more)

- 1 hr weekly live zoom calls to reinforce concept, drive conversation among group and answer questions

- Community and accountability from coaches and participants

- Private Facebook group for community and support

- Meals plans and 3 week elimination diet to identify which foods work best for you (vegan option available)

- Opportunity for all to get to the bottom of what gets in the way of optimal health

- Goal-oriented, directive, and solution-focused processes to reach your desired goals

*Options for additional individuals sessions with Emilee, NC and/or Natalie, Ph.D: 10% discount throughout the program

Group Therapist

Dr. Natalie Horn is a licensed psychologist in Denver, Colorado. She works with professionals, college-students, and adults of all ages who are looking to create change in their lives. Her clients are eager to become healthier and more fulfilled versions of themselves. In addition to therapy, Dr. Horn offers life coaching for clients who are looking to unlock peak performance and potential in life, sport, or work.

Dr. Horn helps those who struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, or a harsh inner critic, to obtain the tools and confidence they need to navigate life’s challenges and begin to thrive. In addition, Dr. Horn specializes in treating eating disorders and weight-related concerns of all types, promoting a non-diet and intuitive eating approach to weight loss, and helping clients improve health habits and motivation.

Sessions with Dr. Horn are individually-tailored and integrate evidence-based therapies (CBT, DBT, ACT, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) with empathy, and self-compassion. Her style is collaborative, interactive, and non-judgmental. Dr. Horn guides her clients through the process of assessing their values, strengths, coping strategies, and vision for the future. Through exploration, Dr. Horn helps her clients identify what’s limiting them from moving forward, and develop new, more effective patterns and coping skills that align with their values and the person they want to become.

In addition to her private practice, Dr. Horn has consulted at several major hospitals and is well versed in cutting-edge research. She is knowledgeable about how to help her clients refine and develop the skills they need to move towards a healthy future. She combines her expertise with personalized care to ensure her clients achieve real, long-lasting change. Dr. Horn primarily offers telehealth sessions. She is affiliated with Denver Sports Recovery, where she offers in-person sessions on a case-by-case basis.

Natalie Horn

Natalie Horn is a therapist in Denver, Colorado specializing in anxiety and body image.

Tuesdays 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Colorado (Online)