Zencare's Clinician Vetting Process

Our priority is quality of care, and only clinicians who pass our rigorous qualification process can join our network.

The Zencare qualification process includes 1) background and license checks, 2) a video interview with the Zencare team, and 3) input from our Medical Advisor to screen for adherence to the latest, evidence-based treatments.

In our hour-long qualification interview, we ask therapists about their training and experience in each area of expertise to be listed on their profile. This ensures that when prospective clients use our “Specialty” filter or read a provider’s profile, each specialty has been verified against best-practice standards so clients can trust they are receiving quality care.

Our questions have been developed by thought leaders across many mental health fields, including:

  • Clinical directors at top eating disorder recovery programs
  • Peripartum depression expert from a leading women’s hospital
  • Bereavement specialist from a national palliative care program
  • LGBTQ rights activist and social worker
  • Obsessive  compulsive disorder specialist and distinguished psychiatrist

We ask about each provider’s approach to treatment and how they continue to improve their practice. For example, if a therapist lists an eating disorder specialty, we want to know specifically what challenges they see in their practice; when they refer out to a higher level of care; if they have ongoing relationships with other providers such as dietitians, primary care physicians, and psychiatrists; and how they stay up-to-date with the latest eating disorder treatment research.

Our interview notes are thoroughly reviewed by our Medical Advisor, Dr. Stephanie Hartselle, MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Brown University and Distinguished Fellow of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. When there are remaining concerns or gaps, Dr. Hartselle asks additional questions so we can follow up with the providers for clarification. For medication prescribers (psychiatrists and nurse practitioners), Dr. Hartselle personally conducts the interviews. 

Finally, we ask for professional references whenever deemed necessary. We take our vetting process seriously and take action on any concerns we hear from users.

At the end of the day, our vetting process comes down to asking ourselves, "Would I recommend this clinician to a friend or family member?" 

We strive to create a community of clinically excellent, professionally outstanding, and deeply compassionate clinicians.

We welcome your feedback. Please don't hesitate to contact us!