Zencare's Clinician Vetting Process

Our highest priority is quality of care, and only clinicians who pass our rigorous qualification process can join as a member.

Every Zencare clinician has a video or in-person INTERVIEW with our founder, Yuri, who asks specific questions about the clinician's training and expertise; is reviewed by our MEDICAL ADVISOR (who is an exceptional psychiatrist!); and must provide three strong REFERENCES.

We take our vetting process seriously. If we find that a clinician is not a good fit for Zencare, we ask them to leave the network.

At the end of the day, our vetting process comes down to asking ourselves, "Would I recommend this clinician to a friend?" and "Is this clinician a good fit for Zencare right now?" We strive to create a community of stellar clinicians who offer clinically excellent services and care deeply about their clients.

We are an early-stage startup and welcome your feedback. Please don't hesitate to contact us here!


Vetted for clinical rigor.

A Zencare team member interviews every therapist in-person or by video call to ensure:

  • They adhere to the highest clinical standards.
  • They have the appropriate training and/or experience in their respective expertise ares.
  • They are constantly learning to achieve professional mastery.

Provides strong references.

All Zencare clinicians must provide three strong references by colleagues and/or supervisors.

Licensed and in good standing.

Zencare clinicians must be licensed nationally and at the state level, and in good standing with their state health departments.
We also conduct background checks on any existing court cases.

The few life coaches and body-based practitioners who are part of our community have also gone through our rigorous vetting process. Their services can be helpful adjuncts to formal psychotherapy treatment, and we make the difference between psychotherapy and other forms of care explicit for prospective clients. 

Champions of our mission.

Zencare clinicians are passionate about improving access to great care for prospective clients.
We look for clinicians who are responsive, have excellent bedside manner, and are open to adopting technology, including video, photos, and online bookings for phone consults.

While we are known for excellent concierge service to clinicians and users alike, we are constantly evolving, and cannot over-curate the platform for each clinician. We look for clinicians who are willing to take an adventure and improve our platform and community with us!