Young Adults Support Groups in Rhode Island

Young adults support groups in Rhode Island include depression therapy groups, DBT skills groups, mindful therapy groups, and eating disorder support groups. Young adults can range in age from 18 - 26, and many therapy groups focus on college and graduate school students. In Rhode Island, group therapy for young adults ranges in cost from $30 - $80 per session, and some therapy groups accept insurances. Therapy groups typically take place weekly in therapist offices or hospital settings. While most groups are concentrated in Providence, they can be found throughout RI as well.

Millennials are experiencing higher levels of depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide than past generations, and groups can be a great addition or alternative to individual counseling for young adults. Transitioning from high school to college, navigating university life, or adjusting to "real life" post-college, can be challenging both emotionally and interpersonally; support groups can help improve emotional regulation and enhance one's quality of life through positive peer connections and building a sense of belonging.

The following support groups in Rhode Island address topics such as self-esteem, eating disorders, stress reduction, self-discovery, life transitions, gender identity, sexual orientation, anxiety, family issues and depression in young adults. Students from Brown University, RISD, Johnson and Wales, Bryant University, Providence College, and other surrounding universities participate in these groups, as well as students who are home from school on medical leave. They all provide safe and compassionate environments for young adults to feel supported.