Six Healthy Communication Tips for Partners – Who Also Happen to be New Parents

If you're anything like most new parents, somewhere between the excitement of your pregnancy announcement and your child’s first steps, you and your partner may have experienced a breakdown in communication. But your connection doesn’t have to fizzle – it might just need some reinvention.  Read on for tips from therapists who work with new parents to learn how to keep the love alive… when two become three.

by Anna Nathanson

List of Mantras: 6 Mindful Chants to Welcome the New Year

The new year is understood as a time of change. But such change doesn’t happen overnight: It is the result of a series of intentional efforts, brought on purposefully – both internally and externally. If you find yourself facing inner resistance, try one (or all!) from this list of mantras to elevate yourself from thought patterns that might be keeping you stuck in stagnancy or negativity.

by Natalia Rosenbaum, LMHC