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Dr. Hartselle is exceptionally qualified in administering Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and uses medication conservatively, when appropriate. She is engaging and honest and transformed my life.
Dr. Gabriella Rothman, Find best therapists in Rhode Island 02906
Gaby really just got me and understood what I was talking about. I could tell she genuinely cared and at our last session today she gave me a hug and told me to stay in touch after graduation. I honestly looked forward to therapy every week because of her.

Dr. Stern is an incredibly open-minded, creative therapist. When we started, I was in shambles and he really helped put me back together with patience, positive mirroring and incredible tools that have been so helpful in unpacking who I am and why I struggle in the ways that I do.

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I just wanted to say thank you! Finding a therapist in a new area is super stressful and it can be really difficult to get a feel for both the facilities themselves and the therapist and Zencare was such a great resource. Having the ability to watch videos of not only the doctor but their offices as well was so so so helpful in narrowing down and choosing what I felt was going to be right for me. Also, the ability to make appointments without having to get on the phone was such a relief as well, especially while feeling anxious.

So basically, just, thank you. This is a great service, and a great relief.
Zencare is an amazing website that made the process of finding a therapist near campus so much easier for me. Without them, I would have been overwhelmed, but with their website I was able to filter and find the best match. Also, when there was a slight scheduling glitch in setting up an initial phone call, Zencare’s concierge team helped me immediately, even though the glitch wasn’t whatsoever their fault! They replied to each of my emails within a few minutes and just have amazing customer service all around.
Zencare is so wonderful! I love that there are pictures of the actual offices on each therapists website, and the concierge team is super friendly and helpful. I think this is such a great concept. Website is easy to use and access, and it takes a lot of the stress out of finding a therapist, which is already stigmatized by “society.”
My life has been personally touched by the simple design behind Zencare and its focus on lessening the burden on the person seeking therapy. I cannot tell you enough how thankful I am that Zencare came into being — it has truly had a great, positive impact on my life.
I had a really good experience with Zencare! I like the website a lot. This provides a way to quicken getting to see a therapist and makes the whole process so much easier.
Really great service. I was able to speak to a therapist the same day I discovered the website, and I have an appointment scheduled with her next week. Things are really looking up for me, and I’m thankful for your role in that.