Find the Best Couples Counselors around Boston

The following therapist and psychiatrists have offices in Boston, Brookline, Newton, Arlington, Belmont, and Jamaica Plain. Some also offer remote video sessions for patients' convenience. Couples therapists have expertise in relationship counseling, premarital and martial therapy, divorce, and separation. Improve communication skills, break down barriers, and build a more loving connection with your partner. 



Couples Counselors in Boston, MA

Rebekah Montgomery, PhD

Dr. Rebekah Montgomery is a clinical psychologist in downtown Boston specializing in couples therapy, premarital counseling, and relationship issues. Though the focus of her practice is currently on couples therapy, she also has expertise in trauma, grief, anxiety, and depression. She completed training at Harvard Medical School and Boston University Medical School among other institutions.

Marcos Rosenbaum, LICSW

Marcos Rosenbaum is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in downtown Boston, MA. He specializes in working with clients navigating life transitions, relationships, cultural adjustment, loss, identity development. Marcos draws from traditional insight-oriented psychotherapy and body-based approaches, including Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and hypnotherapy to provide well-balanced and inclusive therapy to his clients. Marcos is trilingual, offering sessions in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Alison Newman Goncalves, LICSW

Alison Newman Goncalves is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Brookline, Massachusetts. Her practice focuses on academic issues, college mental health, life transitions, personal and professional growth, and relationships. She enjoys working with college students as they navigate forming new relationships and the many challenges of being away from home for the first time. She also sees many adults through formative life transitions, including graduation, marriage, and pregnancy.

Natalia Rosenbaum, LMHC

Natalia Rosenbaum is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in downtown Boston and Gloucester, MA. She specializes in anxiety, depression, and relationship issues, as well as those seeking counseling in spiritual topics, such as mindfulness and meditation. She is a Kundalini Yoga instructor, and helps clients learn new mindfulness tools and establish a daily home meditation practice.

Rebecca Shingleton, PhD

Dr. Rebecca Shingleton is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Boston, MA. Her specialty lies in supporting clients with anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), eating disorders, and stress management. Having previously trained at Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, she particularly enjoys working with college students and young adults and helping them navigate career or academic difficulties, adjustment concerns, relationships, and life transitions. 

Brie Shelly, LMHC

Brie Shelly is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor in downtown Boston. Brie specializes in eating disorders, body image, substance use, life transitions, career development, and life design coaching, and offers both traditional talk therapy and coaching services. She has worked in various treatment programs, including Veritas Collaborative and McLean Hospital, and has particular expertise in holistic care for eating disorder and addiction clients. 

Erica Eckman, LICSW

Erica Eckman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in downtown Boston. Erica has deep expertise in college-related challenges, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, and couples issues. Prior to starting her private practice, Erica worked at the Emerson College Counseling Center and the Cambridge Eating Disorder Center. Erica continues to see college students and clients with eating disorders in her private practice as well as couples and adults, taking a collaborative approach to care.

Couples Counselors in Brookline, MA

Masha Sorkin, LICSW

Masha Sorkin is a licensed clinical social worker in Brookline with expertise in college and young adult challenges, anxiety, couples counseling, trauma, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), family issues, and mood disorders. Masha recognizes that her clients have busy lives, and holds early morning, late evening, and Sunday office hours to make therapy accessible for students and working professionals.

Brandon Erdos, MD

Dr. Brandon Erdos is a psychiatrist with an office in Brookline, MA. He offers integrated and highly personalized care for mood disorders including depression and bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and anxiety. Both medication management and talk therapy are offered to form a powerful, evidence based, effective approach to treatment. Dr. Erdos offers the added convenience of telepsychiatry sessions for busy students and professionals seeking care outside of traditional office hours.

Couples Counselors in Newton, MA

Laurie Sherwood, LICSW

Laurie Sherwood is a highly seasoned Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker bringing over forty years of experience to private practice in Newton, MA. Laurie uses a mindfulness-based approach to depression, anxiety, substance use, relationship challenges, insomnia, and couples counseling. Laurie applies her vast skill set to attend to the client as a whole person, creating a safe and productive environment for emotional healing.

Laurie provides compassionate care to a wide range of clients. A major focus of her practice is work with couples, including balancing the relationship and one's own needs within the context of parenting, transitioning to an empty nest, and maintaining sexual connection and intimacy. With a background in addiction work, Laurie also sees clients with challenges related to sex addiction, binge eating, gambling, alcohol, and illicit substance use.

Couples Counselors in Arlington and Belmont, MA

Elisabeth Sackton, LICSW

Elisabeth Sackton is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Belmont, MA. Her private practice centers on working with people who consult with her about relationships, parenting, gender identity, trauma, and separation/divorce, and a wide variety of other issues. Elisabeth is trained in family systems and narrative approaches to therapy. She uses a variety of ways to work actively with clients as they face challenging or painful situations in their lives, and is particularly interested in working with people to develop their resilience and restore a sense of agency as they work toward their goals and towards generating a sense of hope.

David Harrison, LICSW

David Harrison is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Arlington, MA, specializing in depression, trauma, couples counseling, adolescent issues, and life transitions. David also sees individuals struggling with anxiety, existential questions, and personality disorders, including borderline personality disorder.

Couples Counselors in Jamaica Plain, MA

Devorah Steinberg, LICSW

Devorah Steinberg is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Life Coach in Jamaica Plain, MA. She specializes in goal setting, spirituality, mind-body connection, couples counseling, and depression. Devorah has an integrative practice, in which she combines traditional talk therapy with diverse techniques like hypnotherapy, reiki, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and yoga. This approach lends itself to Devorah’s mind-body-spirit model, which helps clients gain emotional understanding through physical mindfulness. Devorah sees clients both in-person and through remote video sessions.

Jennifer Taub, PhD

Dr. Jennifer Taub is a psychologist in Jamaica Plain, MA with over 20 years of experience Dr. Taub specializes in evidence-based treatments for anxiety, depression, couples therapy, communication issues, relationships, ADHD, LGBTQ+ identity issues, and trauma. She takes an active, collaborative, and supportive approach to her work, and works together with clients to identify the approach best suited to their needs.

Dr. Taub's background is in both clinical and academic work, and she has researched and been published in the areas of school violence prevention, parent empowerment, youth resilience, and bisexuality. She is a queer, poly, and kink-friendly therapist, end enjoys supporting individuals exploring their gender and sexual identity. Dr. Taub is certified in Imago Relationship Therapy, a structured approach for couples that focuses on communication skills, active listening and empathy. Couples focus on identifying their shared relationship vision, re-romanticize their relationship, and learn to connect in ways that bring them closer.

Lauren Becker, PsyD

Dr. Lauren Becker is a psychologist in Jamaica Plain with expertise in supporting clients struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship and family issues, transitions, low self esteem, trauma, and adjustment to step parenting. Her style is honest and open, and she brings genuine care and compassion to help her clients navigate life's challenges. 

Kathy Clair-Hayes, LICSW

Kathy Clair-Hayes is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Jamaica Plain, MA specializing in grief and loss, living with a chronic illness, life transitions, depression, and anxiety. Kathy's practice is unique in that she employs Animal Assisted Therapy with her co-therapist and service dog, Thor, who is present in all her therapy sessions. She finds that Animal Assisted Therapy can be especially effective in relieving her clients' symptoms of depression and anxiety.