Eric McKnight

Eric McKnight
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LICSW

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Eric is great at what he does. I've seen a few therapists, and he was the only one that treated me as a holistic human being from day one..."

- Brown University student of color (2015)

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    About Eric

  • Sees many athletes, university students, students of color, and students of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Expertise in addressing life transitions, existential issues, relationships, anxiety, depression, concussion-induced mood challenges, and the emotional aspects of personal finance management, especially for young working professionals
  • Offers an open, creative space to work through challenging life issues



Eric received his Master of Social Work from Boston University, and his BA in Psychology and Religious Studies from Arizona State University. He was previously a psychotherapist at Rhode Island Hospital's Partial Hospitalization Program and Outpatient Care units. 

Eric sees many university students experiencing anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges. He has particular expertise in areas pertaining to existential challenges, socioeconomic background and place of origin, and one's emotional relationship to personal finances. Eric sees many individuals for issues specific to athletics, as well, such as concussion-induced mood challenges. 

Eric uses existential, interpersonal and acceptance based therapeutic approaches to help clients understand and work through their struggles. 



" It takes a lot of courage to reach out and try therapy, and I congratulate you for taking this important step. For whatever reason, if there has been a struggle or something that is holding you back, therapy can be a way to take care of yourself and to try different possibilities that might take you to the next step in life. My approach is playful, conversational, and strengths-based, and we'll work to identify your inherent ability to overcome that which is holding you back, while laughing along the way to ease the difficult conversations." 


Private Practice, Psychotherapist, 2012 - Present
Rhode Island Hospital - Adult Partial Hospitalization Program, Psychotherapist of Acute Care, 2008 - 2012
Rhode Island Hospital - Outpatient Care, Psychotherapist, 2011 - 2012
Gateway Healthcare, Emergency Service After-Hours Evaluator, 2010 – 2011

Boston University, MSW, Clinical Track,
Arizona State University, BA, Psychology, Religious Studies



Anxiety and depression – General anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks; feeling down, overall mood disturbance
Borderline personality disorder
Concussion-induced mood challenges
 – Helping individuals such as athletes who have suffered concussions deal with its effects on mood, the loss of joy, and any aggravated mood disorders through coping strategies
Existential challenges & life transitions – Finding a way to make sense of life and make life fulfilling within the boundaries of life’s circumstances; adjusting to college, post-graduation career transitions, and new relationships
Loss and grief – Coping with the loss of a loved one or community member
LGBTQ and gender identity issues– Includes coming out, relating to others, identifying and communicating needs, relationships, and family issues
Personal finances – Dealing with financial stress and personal financial crises; helping students and young professionals understand their relationship and emotional connection to money, as well as healthy uses of money, especially as they develop their own understanding of money that is independent from that of their families
Relationship difficulties – Includes conflict resolution, communication improvement, recovering loss in intimacy, transitions to marriage, or saving a marriage; recognizing patterns in relationships and past failed relationships; finding the person you want to be with; same sex and heterosexual couples counseling
Self-harm – Injuring of body tissue without suicidal intentions, including but not limited to cutting, burning, scratching, and hitting
Social skill improvement  Issues in asserting ones needs, conflict avoidance
Socioeconomic background and place of origin – Trained to understand how an individual's place of origin affects them, especially individuals who feel marginalized societally
Stress management – Coping with stress of life and change, expectations of self and other



Young Adults / College Students
Medical students




Eric is great at what he does. I’ve seen a few therapists, and he was the only one that treated me as a holistic human being from day one. He is really funny and makes me look forward to our appointment every week. He is also transparent and responsive to feedback.

[What did you see Eric for?] Depression, anxiety, general.
— Brown University student of color '16 (2015)