Weight Loss and Binge Eating Therapists in Rhode Island

Therapists who specialize in weight loss have expertise in weight management, binge eating and emotional eating, curbing cravings, and building habits that support a heathy lifestyle. They may also provide support for individuals considering or undergoing bariatric surgery.

Weight Loss Therapists in Providence, RI

Diane Petrella, LICSW - Therapist in Providence, RI

Diane Petrella, LICSW

Diane is a holistic psychotherapist, certified life coach, and Level II Reiki Healer in Providence, RI. Her mind-body-spirit approach is designed to help clients tap into their inner wisdom, calm anxious and disruptive thoughts, and find peace through connecting with their Higher Self. Diane has deep expertise in emotional eating, particularly with adults who experienced sexual abuse in childhood, and for whom mainstream weight loss strategies may be less effective.

Jessica Akers, LICSW

Jessica Akers, LICSW

Jessica has expertise in working with clients who are struggling with obesity and/or weight loss, including gastric bypass surgery patients, Jessica offers a holistic approach that carefully considers possible medical complications. She helps clients build coping mechanisms, process other traumas and life stressors that may be contributing to weight management issues, and develop ways to live a mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy life.

Sally Craig, LICSW

Sally Craig, LICSW

Sally received her MSW from Rhode Island College School of Social Work. She has prior experience as a clinical therapist at Butler Hospital for all ages and mental health concerns, and a group facilitator for bariatric surgery patients at Care New England. Sally has particular expertise helping clients work through anxiety, depression, concerns with overeating, adjustments in life (starting school, relationships, new job), and uniquely, infertility and reproductive counseling.

Lauren Rieger - therapist in Providence

Lauren Rieger, LCSW

Lauren is a psychotherapist specializing in disordered eating, with a particular clinical and research focus on binge eating disorder. She has a special interest in the relationship between trauma and eating disorders, as well as their role in the family system. Lauren works with clients on long-term, sustainable, lifestyle choices, helping clients achieve weight loss as a secondary gain to healthy life changes via therapy.

Dr. Deborah Sepinwall

Deborah Sepinwall, PhD

Dr. Sepinwall, a founding member of Providence Psychology Services, received her PhD from the University of Vermont in Burlington, VT. She specifically treats anxiety disorders (including panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, specific phobias, and social phobia), impulse control problems, compulsive overeating, and compulsive spending. Dr. Sepinwall runs book clubs for mindfulness practices as well as group weight loss programs.

Dr. Gabriella Rothman

Gabriella Rothman, PhD

Dr. Rothman received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Rutgers University and completed her predoctoral and postdoctoral training in Behavioral Medicine at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. She has clinical expertise in weight management, stress management, and the treatment of anxiety, mood, and adjustment disorder. Dr. Rothman runs group therapy sessions such as a weight loss program that has helped participants achieve long-term success

Kara Massie, PhD - Therapist in Providence, RI

Kara Massie, PhD

Dr. Massie is a clinical psychologist in Providence, RI with expertise in anxiety, depression, eating disorders, mindfulness, and LGBTQ topics. Dr. Massie her experience in eating disorders stems from her work at the Charis Center for Eating Disorders where she ran body image and CBT groups as well as meal supports and saw individuals in the partial hospitalization program. She is a clinician at the group practice, Providence Psychology Services, where she works with young adults and adults.

Mike Slavit

Mike Slavit, PhD

Dr. Slavit has had over 30 years of experience in the field of psychology. He has expertise in motivational issues, ADHD, relationship issues, grief, and weight management, and has authored numerous books on these topics. In addition to CBT, he incorporates Positive Psychology and Phenomenological approaches to help clients change behavior and thought patterns and manage difficult situations through constructive tools.

Weight Loss Therapists in Coventry, RI

Michelle Riley, LICSW

Michelle Riley, LMHC

Michelle is a counselor and yoga instructor in Coventry, RI. She is a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and owns her own yoga studio, Simplify Yoga, where she also offers therapy services. Michelle uses mindfulness techniques to help individuals with weight management, anxiety, depression, life transitions, anger issues, and relationship challenges. She sees many women in their 40s and 50s who are transitioning in life, as well as young adults.

Weight Loss Therapists in East Greenwich, RI

Wendy O'Connor, PsyD - Cognitive Behavioral Therapist CBT in Providence 02906 / East Greenwich 02818 Rhode Island

Wendy O'Connor, PsyD

Dr. O’Connor is a Stanford-trained Cognitive Behavioral psychotherapist and life coach offering expert care in East Greenwich and Providence, RI. She helps adolescents and adults recognize and replace distorted thoughts and modify behaviors to live more fulfilling lives. Dr. O’Connor empowers clients and builds positive coping skills to address challenges including weight management, anxiety, depression, transitions in relationships and the transition to parenthood, relationship discord, and stress management.

Weight Loss Nutritionists in Rhode Island

Randi Beranbaum, RDN

Randi Beranbaum, RD

Randi is a registered dietitian / nutritionist with over 20 years of experience in the field of nutrition. Randi specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, particularly binge eating, as well as weight loss, and nutrition management for athletes. She helps clients achieve a healthy balance in their relationship with food through intuitive eating, a nutrition philosophy in which clients become more attuned to the body's natural hunger signals as a way to  attain a healthy weight. 

Elizabeth (Liz) Fayram, RDN

Elizabeth Fayram, RDN, LDN, CEDRD

Liz is a registered dietitian and nutrition therapist specializing in eating disorders, non-diet approaches to wellness, transitions in eating, and making peace with food. Liz practices a non-diet, intuitive-eating, health-at-every-size model to develop a supportive, out-of-the-box and sustainable nutrition path with her clients. Liz received her BS from Bastyr University's Didactic Program in Dietetics and has extensive experience with eating disorder patients at Cambridge Eating Disorder Center, Metrowest Nutrition, and Simmons College.

Courtney Huard

Courtney Huard, RD, LDN

Courtney received her Masters in Nutrition from the University of Rhode Island in 2011. Her treatment specialties include the non-diet approach to wellness, eating disorders, infant/toddler nutrition, and sports/exercise nutrition. Courtney is an experienced professional with many years of experience treating a diversity of patients. She believes in treatment that includes a combination of therapeutic and dietetic practices. At the core of her practice is Courtney’s strong commitment to going above and beyond to help her patients.

Weight Loss Psychiatrists in Rhode Island

Lilia Romero-Bosch

Lilia Romero-Bosch, MD

Dr. Romero-Bosch is a psychiatrist in Barrington, RI, where she works to bring medicine and mental health care together. She is dedicated to the practice of Functional Medicine, utilizing blood work, genetic testing, and other medical testing to provide specialized care and help her clients become as healthy as possible. She sees patients with digestive, thyroid, and autoimmune problems, all of which impact brain health.