Samir Patel

Samir Patel

Adult & Geriatric Psychiatrist, MD

Accepting new clients for daytime and evening appointments



Young adults / college students (18 - 24)
Seniors (65+)


Mon: 9:00am-4:00pm
Tue: 9:00am-7:00pm
Wed: 9:00am-7:00pm
Thu: 9:00am-7:00pm
Fri: 10:00am-4:00pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

Specialties & expertise

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • LGBTQIA and sexuality topics

  • Immigration and acculturation

  • Work/academic distress

  • Relationships


Professional statement

Dr. Samir Patel is an adult and geriatric psychiatrist in Providence, Rhode Island. Drawing from personal and professional experience, he is an expert in helping clients navigate the emotional impact of immigration, race and ethnicity and develop their own identity while maintaining cultural values. He has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by members of the LGBTQ community and particularly enjoys working with clients navigating questions around gender and sexuality, helping them find power in their unique identity.

Dr. Patel offers the convenience of both insight-oriented talk therapy and medication management, when appropriate. His goal is to help clients develop greater awareness and appreciation for their true self during times of transition and change, turning uncertainties into an opportunity for personal growth.

Dr. Patel welcomes young adults, adults, parents, and couples to his practice, conveniently located near Brown University's campus, where he is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior. Friendly and warm, Dr. Patel trained at Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania. He is committed to building a safe, collaborative space for clients to identify and overcome barriers and work toward greater fulfillment in their lives.


Academic issues – Addressing underperformance in coursework, school avoidance, and procrastination
– Coping with excessive worry, nervousness, or stress; intense discomfort in social settings (social anxiety); sudden and intense feelings of panic (panic disorder)
Depression – Providing support and promoting healing through hopelessness, low motivation and energy, sadness, irritability, sleep disturbance, and loss of interest and pleasure in life
Immigration/acculturation – Acclimating to a new environment; managing stress and coping with feelings of loss and separation from familiar people and places
LGBTQIA and sexuality topics – Exploring topics of sexuality, gender, and identity; coping with discrimination and oppression; navigating relationship, family, and cultural challenges
Relationships – Understanding one’s wants and needs in relationships; exploring patterns of interaction, addressing concerns, and strengthening satisfaction in relationships and dating
Work issues – Managing overwhelming stress and expectations; increasing effective ways of restoring and maintaining emotional stability and health; addressing challenging relationships with coworkers and bosses

General expertise

Couples counseling – Addressing relationship challenges and life transitions; strengthening communication and feelings of security, desire, connection, and love
Existential challenges – Supportive exploration of meaning and purpose in one’s life; finding one’s path in the face of existential anxiety, dread, and feelings of meaninglessness
Insomnia – Addressing problems related to lack of restful sleep including difficulty falling asleep, waking often, and restless sleep
Loss and grief – Emotionally preparing for the anticipated passing of a loved one; managing feelings and reactions to a death or loss of significance; support during the process of healing and acceptance
Race and cultural identity – Exploring topics of racial, cultural, and ethnic background as it relates to one’s family origins and personal identity
Self-esteem – Cultivating self-compassion, assertiveness, and confidence; developing ways to reduce suffering, anxiety, social withdrawal, and self-neglect


Samir is not in-network with any insurances.

Read about the benefits of seeing an out-of-network provider here.

Out-of-pocket fees

  • Initial session: $450 (90min)

  • Ongoing sessions: $300/session (60min)

Sliding scale: A sliding scale of $150 - $300 is offered to clients who need a reduced fee to receive weekly psychotherapy. 

Therapist's note: Dr. Patel can provide you with paperwork for your insurance company if you are seeking out-of-network reimbursement.

Message to clients

“People come to me because they are struggling with anxiety, depression or feeling distressed in their relationships. Or, because they are stagnating in their professional or school life. Also, given my background and training, I work well with patients who struggle in their daily lives because of feeling stifled due to issues related to being an LGBT person, immigrant (local or international), or person of color. Both individuals and couples discover that I collaborate with them to broaden their understanding of their unique struggles, give voice to the silenced aspects of their identities, and help them learn how to find solutions in themselves. As your psychiatrist, my goal is to work with you to find ways for you to live a more self-directed and satisfying life, and to experience the quality of life you deserve.”

Education and work experience

Private Practice, Psychiatrist, 2018 - Present
Brown University, Assistant Professor (Clinical) of Psychiatry & Human Behavior, 2014 - Present
Butler Hospital, Attending Psychiatrist, 2013 - 2018

University of Pennsylvania, Fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry, 2012 - 2013
Duke University, Residency in Psychiatry, 2008 - 2012
University of Michigan, MPH, 2005 - 2007
BJ Medical College, India, MD, 1999 - 2005