Scott Kellogg, PhD

Scott Kellogg

Psychologist, PhD

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Specialties & expertise

  • Chairwork psychotherapy

  • Fear and courage

  • Existential challenges

  • Trauma

  • Substance use

  • Depression

Professional statement

Dr. Scott Kellogg is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Flatiron, Manhattan. He specializes in chairwork psychotherapy, an experiential approach focusing on internal dialogue and the re-enactment of scenes to promote resolution and restoration. Dr. Kellogg is an expert in addiction, and he also works with adults navigating trauma and inner conflict. His approaches to treatment are especially beneficial for those who have been non-responsive to skill-based therapies. 

Dr. Kellogg sees many clients who are motivated to work towards recovery from alcohol or cocaine addiction. He uses a harm-reduction approach to support gradual, sustainable change, positively reinforcing moderation over time. Dr. Kellogg helps clients learn to externalize negative or unhelpful beliefs about themselves, tackling the inner critic, healing old wounds, and moving forward with more clarity and purpose. 

Trained in Gestalt therapy and certified as a schema therapist, Dr. Kellogg is the current director of the Transformational Chairwork Psychotherapy Project. He received in PhD in clinical psychology from the City University of New York.


Chairwork psychotherapy – Guiding the internal dialogue, overcoming the challenges of achieving one's higher potential, and finding one's inner energies
Hero's Journey / fear and courage – Encouraging decision-making, developing courage, and overcoming fears to achieve one's higher potential

General expertise

Depression – Providing support and promoting healing through hopelessness, low motivation and energy, sadness, irritability, sleep disturbance, and loss of interest and pleasure in life
Existential challenges – Supportive exploration of meaning and purpose in one’s life; finding one’s path in the face of existential anxiety, dread, and feelings of meaninglessness
Substance use – Reducing and preventing the negative impact of drug and alcohol use and addictions on physical, emotional, and relational health
Trauma – Coping and healing after threatening or scary events, such as witnessing accidents or experiencing sexual, verbal, emotional, or physical abuse


Dr. Kellogg is not in-network with any insurances.

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Out-of-pocket fees

  • Initial/ongoing sessions: $200/session (60min)

Therapist's note: Dr. Kellogg can provide you with paperwork for your insurance company if you are seeking out-of-network reimbursement.

Message to clients

"I believe that I am a good match for patients seeking a psychotherapy experience that is focused, active, and intense. It can be particularly helpful for those wrestling with: (1) Interpersonal Strife – loss, grief, mistreatment, and difficult relationships; (2) Internal Difficulties – self-criticism, depression, impulsivity, and fear; (3) The Challenges of the Heroic Life – making decisions, being assertive, acting with courage, and creating the future; and (4) Addictions – problematic relationships with drugs and alcohol. I may also be of service to those who found their previous therapy experiences to be disappointing or ineffective."

Treatment approaches

Existential Therapy Existential therapy is a therapy approach that both embraces human potential and recognizes human limitation. The breadth of existential theory falls into four major themes, which it sees as the root of most psychological problems: 1) Death, 2) Freedom (& Responsibility), 3) Isolation, and 4) Meaninglessness. (learn more)
Gestalt TherapyIn gestalt therapy, self-awareness is key to personal growth and developing full potential. The approach recognizes that sometimes this self-awareness can become blocked by negative thought patterns and behavior that can leave people feeling dissatisfied and unhappy. (learn more)
Transformational Chairwork Transformational chairwork is centered on the belief that healing and transformation can be achieved through internal dialogue and re-enacting scenes from the past, present, or future. (learn more)
Schema Therapy A combination of cognitive, experiential, and behavioral therapies, Schema Therapy is intended to diminish negative patterns even when other treatment approaches have not been successful. (learn more)
Voice Dialogue Voice dialogue is a form of talk therapy that focuses on learning about oneself and healing. This approach addresses one's sub-personality by engaging those parts in dialogue to increase self-knowledge and insight.
Imagery Rescripting Imagery rescripting is a powerful experiential technique that utilizes imagination and visualization to identify and change meaningful and traumatic experiences in the past to allow transformation. (learn more)
Harm Reduction Psychotherapy Harm reduction psychotherapy is intended to identify the psychological, biological, and social currents contributing to one's addictive behaviors to reduce the harmful consequences of substance use and other risky behaviors. (learn more)
Contingency Management Contingency management is a type of behavioral therapy that provides rewards for engaging in desirable behaviors, and may withhold privileges or impose disciplinary measures for undesirable behaviors. (learn more)

Education and work experience

The Transformational Chairwork Psychotherapy Project, Director/Psychotherapist, 2013 - Present
New York University, Clinical Associate Professor, 2005 - 2018
New York University, Adjunct Assistant Professor, 2000 - 2005
Schema Therapy Institute, Psychotherapist and Supervisor, 2000 - 2013
The Rockefeller University, Clinical Psychologist, 1997 - 2005
Teachers College/Columbia University, Faculty
Yale University School of Medicine, Faculty
Division on Addictions of the New York State Psychological Association, Past-President

Level II Voice Dialogue Certificate, 2017
Certificate in Schema Therapy, 2008
Practitioner Certificate in Gestalt Therapy, 2004
CUNY Graduate Center, PhD, 1994