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Body image refers to how you think and feel about your body’s appearance, as well as how you think other people will perceive your body. Body image generally falls somewhere along a continuum, as you can feel different degrees of positivity or negativity towards your body that may change over time.

In reality, bodies come in all shapes and sizes and there is no one ‘normal’ body type. Unfortunately, however, we are exposed regularly to images of a ‘desired’ body type, which can lead to body dissatisfaction. For some, this can cause distress and may lead to various mental health challenges, such as anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia, or eating disorders. Many therapeutic approaches can help develop a more positive body image, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness practices, or acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

To find the best approach for your needs, it can be helpful to discuss your options with one of the therapists in Connecticut below who specializes in body image. Therapists have been vetted by the Zencare team for clinically rigorous, quality care. Visit their profiles to watch an introductory video and book a free initial call to find a good fit!

Gina  Macdonald

Gina Macdonald

225 Montowese Street, Branford, CT, 06405

Online Sessions, CT

Insurances: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicaid, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Waitlist available online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $80 per session

Congratulations! You are seeking new styles of thinking, new behaviors, and new perceptions - the most important step toward change for the better. Winston Churchill stated "Never, Never, Never Give up." My personal experience with a profound eating disorder while in College was difficult. This however propelled me forward to push through boundaries and limitations that once defined me. I am committed to helping all ages - all genders of people to overcome the battle of eating and body wars.

tete dumbo

tete dumbo

Online Sessions, CT

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $100 - $150 per session

Tête Dumbo is a Psychotherapy practice located in Brooklyn, NY. The therapists at tête dumbo are passionate about providing a safe place for individuals to explore the obstacles that they are experiencing in their efforts to gain a higher level of functioning, deeper relationships with others, and a healthier overall life balance. Whether it's navigating a new experience, confronting difficult decisions, or healing from old wounds, the therapists at tête want their clients to feel better prepared for the challenges of today and on the road ahead- they do this by utilizing the therapeutic technique that most resonates with the client and is the most effective in creating growth within the individual. They also believe in the power of strengthening resilience and coping mechanisms within each individual.

Samantha  Nilsson

Samantha Nilsson

Online Sessions, CT

755 Main Street, Monroe, CT, 06468

Insurances: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Medicaid, United Healthcare
Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $100 per session

Motherhood and being a women has its unique challenges, and we lack the support that can make us feel connected and not alone. I strive to provide that connection for women and help you navigate these unique challenges that come with being a women in today’s world.

Shelly  Allen

Shelly Allen

1698 Post Road East, Westport, CT, 06880

Online Sessions, CT

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $100 - $200 per session

I’m a holistic integrative psychotherapist with nine years of experience devoted to the conversation of improving our lives. My approach is interpersonal and relational to best empower and help you accomplish your goals.

Jessica  Foley

Jessica Foley

Online Sessions, CT

Not accepting new clients
Out-of-pocket-fees: $225 per session

It can be tough to start counseling; telling your story to someone new. It's a brave thing to seek help when life feels out of control, and you should feel proud of your choice to make a change.
I have special expertise in treating many women's issues - everything from emotional pain stemming from reproductive health challenges to dealing with infidelity in a relationship. As a woman, I understand how life can affect us differently. Problems like unplanned pregnancies, chronic illnesses, overwhelming anxiety, eating issues, postpartum mood issues - it's stuff like this that can really have an impact on how you feel.
It can be difficult to talk about the problems that are keeping us up at night, but counseling is one place where it’s ok to say anything, and to truly be heard and helped. In goal oriented psychotherapy, we will use the power of your narrative to show the way to a more connected life. You will experience a safe, empathic environment to share, learn and grow through our work together. Healing through making changes in your life isn’t always easy, but therapy can be a supportive place to start! You are the expert of you, and I want to help you use your intuition to be the best badass 'you' you can be. I look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

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