The Mommy Tribe


A virtual (for now) gathering for mamas during these unprecedented times. Mommy Tribe is a nurturing and empowering group of women supporting each other as they transition into and manage the messiness of motherhood. This is a place where women can show up as their authentic selves to share their experiences. The postpartum period can be joyful, vulnerable, disorienting, and overwhelming all at once. This group can be a soft-landing and space to process a variety of the issues that can quickly arrive at the forefront including...

- Mothering during Covid

- Relationship/family conflicts

- Self-image challenges

- Adjusting back to work

- Anxiety/depression emergence (or reemergence)

- Traumatic birth experiences

- Hormonal challenges

- Sleep deprivation

- Struggles with shifting identity

- Balancing career with motherhood

- Feeding challenges

Here’s what mamas can expect from Mommy Tribe:

💫 a nonjudgmental, supportive, empowering community

💫 facilitation by a licensed psychotherapist (me!)

💫 talking about it ALL - from family dynamics, identity shifts, traumatic pregnancy or birth, Covid anxiety, conflict with partners, balance work & motherhood, family of origin stuff that comes up, feeding issues

💫 mindfulness practices

💫 facilitation rooted in conscious & respectful parenting approaches & informed by child development and attachment

💫 a place to share your story and bear witness to others

Group Therapist

Jessica is an attachment-based and trauma informed therapist with more than a decade of experience. She focuses her work on supporting and empowering women, new & expectant moms, and teens. Her offerings include individual therapy, support circles and postpartum support/planning.  She employs a holistic, strengths-based, nurturing, warm, authentic and mindful approach.

Clients working with Jessica experience an engaging, collaborative, honest and even fun approach to managing life’s messiness. Her sessions offer clients a sanctuary from which to heal and grow. You can expect to have a safe and contained environment to unpack issues, repair emotional wounds, develop practical skills, engage in exploratory processing of patterns, and be connected with helpful resources. Jessica tailors her offerings to your unique needs - incorporating mindfulness, art, cognitive behavioral techniques, humor, as well as, traditional talk therapy approaches.

Her specializations include women’s issues, perinatal mental health, healing from trauma, managing dysfunctional family relationships, codependency, mindfulness, depression, anxiety, loss, healthy relationships, child development, conscious & respectful parenting, intergenerational trauma work and managing major life transitions.

Her practice is rooted in attachment based work.  In a general sense, this means her work is lensed through an awareness that our interpersonal relationships (particularly our early ones) and experiences can shape how we move through our lives and how we function in current relationships.  This also means that an authentic connection and collaboration is part of the treatment. There is a healing power in developing healthy and secure relationships. Holding a safe, empowering, nurturing, contained space within the therapeutic relationship is at the foundation of her practice.

She believes that cultural, ethnic, immigration history and spiritual background (or lack thereof) should be honored in the therapeutic process.  Jessica identifies as an ally to the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.

Jessica Gallo

Jessica is an attachment-based and trauma informed therapist with more than a decade of experience. She focuses her work on supporting and empowering women, new & expectant moms, and teens through individual therapy, postpartum support/planning, and support circles. Her approach can be described as holistic, strengths-based, nurturing, warm, and mindful.


California (Online)

$180/monthly cycle